Residential smart meters

Iskraemeco‘s residential smart meters can act as a communication gateway for interacting and collecting data from other energy meters (gas, water, heat), resulting in reduced operational costs and energy efficiency. 

Our extensive smart portfolio encompasses a wide range of application configurations and provides independent interfaces for diverse market participants, whether wired or wireless, directly connected or transformer linked.
Independent communication interfaces for customers and service providers as well as up-to-date encryption and authentication mechanisms ensure the highest level of security for vital metering data.

Residential meters

Iskraemeco‘s meters for residential and small commercial environments ensure accurate energy measurement and a variety of advanced functionalities.

We offer walk-by and drive-by residential meter reading options with anti-tampering functionalities, no-power reading, disconnection function, and 1ph/3ph direct or CT product variants, delivering accurate data in optimized housing. All our residential meters are ready for a quick and simple installation at the metering point and optimization of utilities’ logistic service.

Industrial and commercial meters
(C&I + Grid meters)

Iskraemeco‘s integrated solutions with power quality monitoring and seamless SCADA connectivity allow users to make power-related decisions quickly and effectively based on accurate data.

The architecture of Iskraemeco C&I and Grid applications includes monitoring mechanisms that provide stable and reliable measuring data and a detailed snapshot of power consumption and power quality. An integrated power quality monitoring solution and seamless SCADA connectivity allows users to make power quality decisions quickly and effectively.

GME meter cabinets

The GME meter cabinet is a customized product with a proven track record of successful deployments over the years. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern distribution system operators, the GME meter cabinet offers a wide range of features to improve connectivity and reliability.

STS Smart prepayment meters

Iskraemeco‘s smart prepayment solution integrates the sales system with AMI infrastructure for remote prepayment and meter reading, remote control, etc.

STS smart prepayment meters are multifunction meters complying with STS and DLMS/COSEM protocols. They adopt advanced communication and metering technologies to automatically measure, detect, collect, manage and analyze energy data.
The customer purchases energy in the form of tokens entered locally through the built-in keypad on the meter or through split Customer Interface Unit (CIU), or remotely via Head-end-system (HES).

Meters for German market

This portfolio is developed for the requirements of the German market, intended for households and small businesses. 

German-market electricity meters offer households and small businesses accurate energy data with minor assembly, in addition to reading and operating costs, which are applicable as well. With this product, customers gain insights and control over their energy consumption. The standards, specifications, compliances, and manufacturing accordance match our industry’s and German market needs. In line with our sustainable focus, we created the ECO-LOGIC platform that ensures a future-proof design and installation with only a single tool (PZ2 screwdriver).

Communication modules

  • Field exchangeable modules
  • Tools and accessories

Communication modules are the key to turning electricity meters into smart metering devices. They provide utilities with much needed flexibility for future smart grid endeavors.