Innovating for Life.

Innovation is the engine that drives growth, competitiveness, and the capacity to better serve our customers and address global challenges.
While preparing for the future, we are rethinking the energy and water industries, creating digital platforms
and exploring new possibilities.


We support our customers in mastering their digital transformation journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future. 


Our vision is to be one of the most innovative platform companies in solving energy, water, and cities challenges while advancing
sustainable living.


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total carbon footprint reduction since 2013

Iskraemeco is a globally recognized company that offers high-quality products, services, and solutions that make energy and water efficiency a reality.

We strive to remain ahead of industry trends and develop solutions that cater to our customers’ needs. We foster an innovative culture where dedication, synergy, creativity, ambition, and out-of-the-box thinking are encouraged and valued.


In today’s changing world, new and exciting opportunities are constantly on the horizon. As the world transitions to a more sustainable future, energy and water solutions are becoming increasingly important. By incorporating industry trends into our strategy, we bring to market the solutions and technologies that offer significant benefits to our customers and partners.

We form partnerships and create innovative digital platforms to develop comprehensive solutions for reducing energy consumption and conserving water resources. By leveraging emerging technologies, we tailor solutions to the specific needs of our customers and provide them with tools to revolutionize the way we utilize energy and water, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Energy solutions

Water solutions

Digital platforms


Energy solutions

Iskraemeco’s energy solutions combine inventive approaches in response to the digital transformation of the energy industry.

Smart cities, smart grids, cutting-edge technology, and new business models call for a shift in thinking and a new strategy for building the smart grid on the Internet of Things environment (IoT).

With our energy solutions, we connect buildings, industries, energy systems, grids, and people in order to enhance the quality of life and community engagements by creating an inspiring environment to live in.

Water solutions

The use of digital solutions and data-driven technologies has revolutionized business operations and processes. In the water market, three factors are relevant to the adoption of data-driven solutions: Improving efficiency, costs and regulations.

Although we have highlighted numerous opportunities, our digital solutions focus on two main areas to create value for utilities:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Revenue Protection

Digital platforms

At Iskraemeco, digital solutions act as levers to accelerate utility, city, and community advantages by combining a higher and more sustainable quality of life with enhanced service performance.

We offer digital solutions that facilitate data-driven energy management. This improves energy and water efficiency, boosts business performance, and saves money, time, and resources.

By placing digital platforms at the core of our operations, we serve our customers with a reliable, robust data management foundation that opens up new value creation opportunities.


Iskraemeco’s e-mobility solution connects all stakeholders, from distribution and transmission system operators and energy retailers to charging station owners and EV users.

The solution supports a stable, intelligent, and well-maintained grid; protects the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars; comes with a unified payment gateway; optimizes energy use; and reduces carbon emissions.

The entire concept of e-mobility hinges on a secure and robust electric grid supported by technological solutions to balance the impact of electric vehicles on local networks.



Innovation through collaboration

The innovative spirit of our team, creativity and idea generation are essential parts of Iskraemeco’s corporate culture, the engine of progress and a vital part of our business development. Collaboration within the team, as well as with partners and external professionals, is essential to the successful implementation of our ideas, which enables us to bring new and improved goods and solutions to life.

Innovation and technology

Leading the way to the future

We have created an agile, high-quality global manufacturing ecosystem focused on flexibility, growth, and supply continuity. As a global manufacturer of electricity and water meters, we are certified to a range of industry standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, ensuring the same level of service and product quality across all our locations.

Manufacturing and quality

Data privacy and cybersecurity

With the rising prevalence of digital technologies, it is important to ensure that all data related to digital operations is secured and protected from cyber threats. Iskraemeco consistently integrates and enhances multilayer end-to-end security throughout the whole communication chain. Cybersecurity and data privacy are at the center of all layers and components of our products and digital solutions. We offer a comprehensive metering and data environment that operates as a secure union, for which we’ve built a key management system and consider our customers’ requirements.

Digital platforms


From the digitization of grid infrastructure and smart metering projects to the optimization of smart networks and participation in the country’s historic transition, our solutions assist utilities, businesses, cities, and end-users with their digital and green transformation initiatives. Reading about successful stories will provide you with insights on how to manage projects as well as give you inspiration for overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals.


Iskraemeco views sustainability as a philosophy that must be lived and embedded, not as a set of routines and guidelines to be followed as an afterthought. It is past time for drastic measures and Iskraemeco holds itself, its supply chain, its partners, and the industry as a whole accountable for sweeping progress.

Iskraemeco on sustainability

Innovate with us

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Teamwork, experience, and partnership are the pillars that enable us to achieve shared goals and build a successful company—together, we can accomplish anything.

Are you innovative, always looking for improvements and trying out new approaches – no matter what challenge lies ahead? At Iskraemeco, we believe that talented and passionate people are our strength and help us to keep moving forward.

Together, we drive change for sustainable development towards a better and more energy-efficient world.


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