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Manufacturing strengths

Responsiveness – high quality – know-how – expertise


  • In-house production of PCBA and final assembly of products
  • Our own prototyping and development of production equipment, assembly processes and testing SW
  • High level of knowledge and long-term experience of PCBA assembly, final products assembly and process improvements
  • Constant production support to other manufacturing locations worldwide
  • Quick and reliable customer support
  • Continuous production improvements to meet customer‘s demands
  • In-house manufacturing engineering department

To achieve operational excellence, we continually optimize our efforts through 5 key initiatives, accelerating our transformation to smart manufacturing.


Frees up valuable time and resources and enables our production workforce to successfully complete their daily tasks and improve quality.

One of the main principles by which we implement automation in production is ‘Automation, where it serves the people and the process, which means we believe in gradual automation in parallel with the development of employees to ensure they can take on more demanding work positions.


Transforms real-time data into clear predictive insights that improve our production capabilities through customer service and supplier relationships.

Digitalization is an important part of our process for optimization and performance feedback aimed at delivering the best possible quality, efficiency and service. To meet the customers’ increasing expectations for faster delivery times, product customization, and transparency, Iskraemeco has implemented digital technologies globally to support the change process in terms of communication, standardization, and flexibility.

Supply chain

Customer demands are met by optimizing inventory & providing a local service relevant to each location’s culture & language.

We focus on leveraging the Group’s global demand to ensure that our supply chain is mature enough to meet demand while optimizing inventory. Aligning supply arrangements with each facility is critical to ensure there is a clear common purpose and that a local service is provided that is appropriate to the relevant cultures and languages.

Lean manufacturing

Ensured by eliminating process waste and empowering employees to take responsibility for their work.

Over the years we have developed a simple method of eliminating process waste. This has empowered all our employees to drive continuous improvement across the Group, not only enhancing processes within the company but also providing our customers with quality solutions that meet their requirements.

Sustainable approach

Implementing sustainability principles and components tracking by increasing product recycling, minimizing waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as ensuring fair working conditions and full transparency in material sourcing and component tracking.

Human ingenuity, cutting-edge technologies and innovative management methods are transforming and constantly advancing our manufacturing process.

Business excellence

Quality is in the core of our products and solutions

Consistent adherence to client specifications and needs, as well as thorough testing at every stage, are the hallmarks of a high-quality product. Iskraemeco is not a place where excellence happens by chance.

It is the foundation of our business and is used in everything we do. Our mission is to offer each customer top-tier service and a timely resolution to their challenges by reacting with swift, strategic, and open-minded decision-making process.

  • Iskraemeco quality standard in Operation are based on good practices of all global Iskraemeco factories.
  • Support an exchange platform for sharing best practices between global Iskraemeco factories – 6 Sigma and KAIZEN approach.
  • Unite quality measurement system implemented for global Iskraemeco factories.
  • Lean quality control system implemented to deliver the highest quality products.
  • Continuous audits of suppliers and production.

Localizing production

By localizing production, we are able to be more flexible, respond quickly, ensure short delivery times, and serve local demand even more efficiently. We are closer to where production is needed, we are developing regions and their people, and we are reducing risks to mission-critical infrastructure by localizing production.

From Slovenia to Egypt, India, Malaysia, Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania, we have managed over the years to expand our production footprint to all continents with an annual production capacity of 11 million electricity and water meters and a production and storage area of about 100,000 square meters. Our manufacturing footprint is expanding, and we’ve begun planning new factory openings in Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, and Russia, with the goal of supplying local markets through our ‘Local Content Supply Strategy.’

We have the largest and most advanced production of smart meters in Europe, but our standardized approach to manufacturing means we can support all our customers equally from any location, ensuring the same level of service and product quality across all sites.

Focused on end-to-end production, we offer you a highly customized product that is designed, developed, and produced in-house.
We adopted several emerging technologies that are geared toward automation and data sharing, including Big Data analytics and cloud computing combined with an IoT environment, advanced robotics, 3D printing and Mini Lab. With computer vision technology and mixed reality, we are reshaping our customer experience and further boosting productivity.

• Full energy portfolio manufacturing
• EV charging production
• Validation testing laboratory
• Acceptance test laboratory
• ISO Certificates 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, 17020, 17025, 33061,
• Full energy and water portfolio manufacturing
• Plastic production
• Acceptance test laboratory
• ISO Certificates 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, 17025, IRAM, STS,
• Full energy portfolio
• Assembly line for customization and configuration of meters
• Acceptance test laboratory
• Smart meters production
• Acceptance test laboratory
• ISO Certificates 9001, 14001, 45001, 17025, 27001
• Smart meters production
• Acceptance test laboratory
• ISO Certificates 17025, 9001, SIRIM, COI for RF Communication
from Trilliant
Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Electricity meters production
• ISO Certificates 17020, 9001
• Smart prepayment meters production
• Smart prepayment meters production
• Smart prepayment meters production

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