Digital grid

Digital grid solutions offer the ability to leverage data-driven decisions and modern technology to improve efficiency, reliability, and customer service.

With Iskraemeco’s digital grid solutions, our customers can monitor energy usage in real-time, optimize operations, maximize transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain, and reduce costs.

By employing our digital grid solutions, utilities can ensure that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently while providing customers with the best possible service.

Energy IoT

IoT-enabled smart energy solutions help energy suppliers fulfill the growing demand for energy.

As a result of enhanced operational visibility and diagnostics, energy IoT solutions improve the reliability and quality of energy distribution and enable suppliers to shift demand loads and distribute electricity more cost-effectively.

Iskraemeco’s energy IoT solutions are a set of ready-to-use features, devices, and software that streamline fast development and ensure scalability and cross-device compatibility.

Smart prepayment

Our smart prepayment solutions integrate a vending system with powerful AMI infrastructure.

Using advanced communication and metering technologies, our smart prepayment solutions measure, detect, collect, manage, and analyze energy data automatically, providing valuable insight to both utilities and customers.

We provide a meter-agnostic solution by utilizing AMI infrastructure to provide the prepayment function.

Smart metering

With Iskraemeco’s end-to-end, customer-specific smart metering solutions, we strive to address global challenges in energy, water, gas, and heat.

Exceptional metering devices supported by superior software and IoT connectivity create future-proof and secure solutions.

In the vast array of I&C+G (industrial, commercial, and grid) and residential applications, they are founded on proven communication technologies and high-quality metering devices.

Smart infrastructure

Cities have always been a big part of change and innovation, and urbanization and digitalization present a lot of opportunities and challenges.

Iskraemeco’s smart city approach is an ecosystem of solutions that integrates physical, digital, and human systems into networks and services for a better and more efficient use of energy and water resources and utilizes data through intelligent systems to deliver new value. (Asset management – smart homes – smart lightning – EV charging – parking – waste management and much more).