total carbon footprint reduction since 2013


carbon footprint reduction in 2022 compared to the year before


decrease in the electricity consumption in 2022 compared to the year before


decrease in the heating consumption in 2022 compared to the year before

Sustainability is a philosophy we embed in our efforts and our mission to build a fairer, smarter future with our community.

Iskraemeco's 3-tier sustainability strategy


Internal processes

Sustainability begins in-house.

Kindness for the planet stems from respectful interpersonal relationships and strong competences. When we take care of the people we work with, they are more invested in our common goals. Living green is a virtue for our employees, because we see the beneficial consequences those actions will have. This involves developing green solutions, finding more opportunities to optimize resources in our processes and minimizing environmental impact.


Partner processes

Great results can only be a product of partnership.

Transparency is key in ensuring our supply chain is held to the same standards as we hold ourselves. Our solutions require conflict materials, so we must ensure absolute transparency and the most rational use possible. We must also strive to source materials from urban mining. Above all else, we must insist on ethical labor conditions at every step of the way.



Industry actors are out there leading the change towards greener, more sustainable practices.

We seek their company and cherish exchanging knowledge with them. With them, we urge change at industry events and conferences, as well as with customers. Most importantly, we are transparent and open, highlighting our progress while openly debating the challenging obstacles on our way, admitting where we can improve.


We support the EU Green Deal initiative

Iskraemeco has joined the initiative calling on EU leaders to back the ambition set out in the European Green Deal and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. More than 150 business leaders and investors urged EU heads of state to set higher 2030 emissions reduction targets.

Luis Goncalves, CEO, Iskraemeco, d.d. said: “As a society, we are at a tipping point where technology must meet the demands of nature. There are so many untapped opportunities in existing and developing technologies to meet climate goals. With Iskraemeco, we are at the heart of the green and digital energy transition and are committed to ensuring that the “energy efficiency first” rule is integrated into legislation and enforced down and up the energy management value chain. We welcome the EU’s ambitions and the Fit for 55 package.”


We are a part of UNGC initiative

Iskraemeco is part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, a network of like-minded entities that act by ten universally accepted principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment, and measures against corruption.
We support sustainable development practices that advocate economic growth in harmony with the environment and aim to improve the whole world’s quality of life.
Our products and services foster the responsible use of natural resources and encourage end-users to make sustainable choices. We design our products and business processes to minimize environmental impacts of waste, conserve water use, and mitigate emissions.


Certificates and standards

We comply with all relevant health, safety, and environmental certifications and standards stated below.

All Iskraemeco employees respect and act following our environmental and safety policies. We regularly train company workers, ensuring that the environment is always at the forefront.


Corporate responsibility with ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an increasingly important aspect of corporate responsibility. We are committed to consider the environmental, social and governance impacts of our operations and decisions.
This involves taking into account the interests of stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community in order to create a positive impact on society.
We are sponsoring the educational, cultural, and medical fields as a way to give back to our community that supported us throughout the years and allowed us to grow.

Five strategic areas
Life-cycle and recycling
One of most important actions is embedding
circular economy principles to design phase of our products and solutions.
Energy resources
Optimization of use of resources: energy, water,
compressed air, materials, waste management.
Material scarcity
Treatment and use of critical, conflict and
hazardous materials in very important. Our vision is to introduce recycled materials in the meter components.
Supply chain transparency
Supply chain transparency is giving us overview
over use of materials, makes easier to define
possible improvements.
Labour conditions
Making sure that all people rights, dignity and fair treatment within supply chain are not

We DO Climate Solutions. What about you?

Iskraemeco offers quality products, solutions and services that enable efficient use of energy and water worldwide. Digitized solutions based on the IoT, digital networks and smart cities, utilities, infrastructure and communities provide the data needed to manage energy and water consumption, forecast demand, and optimize costs.



  • Silver Eco Vadis Medal 2023
    Recognized with the prestigious Silver Eco Vadis Medal for our commitment to sustainable practices.
  • ESG Champion Ranking 2023
    Proudly ranked among the TOP 10 ESG Champions by A.T. Kearney in Slovenia, showcasing our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.


  • Iskraemeco participated with Green Penguin on Expo Dubai.
  • Fairmeter Report 7th edition published.
  • Iskraemeco hosted a Group of International MBA Students from IEDC Bled.
  • Article published in ESG magazine Zelena Slovenija: “Practices vary, the market already requires carbon footprint reporting.”
  • Participation in the conference “Key topics of ESG management”, where we were presented as an example of good practice for supply chain management.


  • Iskraemeco initiated the ESMIG Fair Competition Project Group.
  • A task force called “Increasing Smart Metering Benefits” was started by Iskraemeco and ESMIG.
  • A round table participant from the Faculty of Economics titled Sustainability is the game of the future.
  • Iskraemeco becomes Ambassador of the “Green, Creative and Smart” economy.
  • Participation in the conference Ljubljana Forum 2021.
  • Part of EU Sustainable Energy Week.
  • Leading working group on monitoring regulations and emerging policies at ESMIG.
  • Leading a cybersecurity project team at ESMIG.
  • Collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science.
  • Started cooperating with students of the interdisciplinary subject at the faculties of: Electrical Engineering, ALUO and Economics and Business.
  • Two new recycled plastics are in use for product manufacturing.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction:
    Achieved a remarkable 4% reduction in carbon footprint in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • Electricity Consumption Reduction: Realized a significant 12% reduction in electricity consumption in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • Heat Consumption Reduction:
    Achieved an impressive 25% reduction in heat consumption in 2022 compared to 2021.


  • November – Iskraemeco team won Ljubljana Climathon with Green Penguin idea
  • September – Iskraemeco has together with over 160 global companies signed a letter to EU leaders to back the ambition set out in the European Green Deal, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.
  • August – Article published in Bled Strategic Times 2020: »The sweet spot of the energy transition – when green and digital go hand in hand«
  • August – Speaker at the Bled Strategic Forum, Conference of Circular economy


  • October – Presentation at United Nations Global Goals Forum: Are we running out of time.
  • September – Article published in Global Goals Yearbook 2019: Aligning Profit with Purpose.
  • May – Metering must contribute to the global reduction of CO2 footprint, article in Africa power journal.
  • April – Fair Meter Report – 4th edition published, 95% supply chain transparency achieved.


  • October – Fair Meter Project invited to present at the World Forum for a Responsible Economy (WFRE), Lille, France.
  • September – Fair Meter Project selected among best practices, results of SDGs, EuLAc Foundation & Fair Meter Project awarded for National Golden Innovation Award, Slovenia.
  • June – Fair Meter project in the EU RETRACE Good Practices Guide.
  • April – Fair meter listed as circular transformation best practice within the EU MOVECO project


  • October –  Fair Meter Project presented in Metering Days, Fulda, Germany.
  • October – Fair Meter Project presented at the EUW Amsterdam with 2 lectures.
  • May –  Second Fair Meter Report submitted – supply chain transparency achieved to 85 %.


  • October – Fair Meter project received an award in Slovenia for international sustainable business practice.
  • November – Fair Meter Project presented at the EUW Barcelona with 2 lectures.
  • May –  First Fair Meter Report submitted – supply chain transparency achieved to 70 %.

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