Energy transition challenges

Traditional energy management infrastructure and its core – smart metering, while essential, are limited in their capability to adapt to the evolving energy market demands.

The eIoT EDGE compute module offers flexibility, integrating various applications within its open platform.

Solution architecture

The solution is built on the smart energy meter, which acts as a data source.

Smart meters are upgraded with an additional EDGE compute module that enables complex data processing, scalability, and is open for integrations with external partners.

Our technological partners can develop applications on an open platform, fostering the creation of an innovation ecosystem.

The eIoT EDGE compute module improves the capabilities of smart meters, introducing:


Open development ecosystem

Encouraging innovation through external partner collaboration.


Advanced data processing

Harnessing AI and machine learning for real-time insights.


Modularity and flexibility

Allowing for simultaneous execution of multiple applications.


Rapid deployment

Streamlined development with a DevOps approach, ensuring swift market introduction.

Discover the key features of eIoT EDGE compute module

Unique feature: open development platform

The eIoT EDGE compute module stands out as an industry-first open development and technology platform. It invites external vendors to develop and implement their applications. The platform’s open nature significantly reduces development time and accelerates market introduction.

Advanced communication capabilities

  • Global connectivity via LTE Cat-1 cellular network
  • Redundant connectivity with dual independent connections, each with four endpoints. Utilizing LTE technology and dual eUICC cards, it enables two separate data connections to back-end systems.

Elevated security standards

  • Comprehensive data protection: Utilizing VPN to ensure a secure, end-to-end data channel, which remains reliable over lossy and high-latency cellular networks.
  • Robust access control: Implementing role-based access and an audit logging system to maintain data integrity.
  • Proactive threat detection: Featuring an intrusion detection system and undergoing rigorous penetration testing to ensure the highest level of cyber resilience.
  • A hardware security module for secure keys storage per application instance.


Save your resources for researching, developing, testing, and marketing your own energy applications – utilize our devices and open platform to create innovative new solutions.

Integrate your solutions into existing meter infrastructure. The EDGE compute functionality is integrated into an existing AMI infrastructure, enhancing the capabilities of smart meters.

Gain from a dynamic ecosystem cultivated by diverse vendors, all dedicated to engineering cutting-edge energy solutions.

The eIoT EDGE compute module is not just a product; it’s an enabler of new applications and a catalyst for new solutions. With its introduction, we project a significant impact on service offerings, ranging from energy management, street lighting, smart home, smart city and many others.