The e-mobility market is on the rise, with growing consumer demand and quickly expanding infrastructure. The entire concept of e-mobility hinges on a secure and robust electric grid supported by technological solutions to balance the impact of electric vehicles on local networks.

The solution supports a stable, intelligent, and well-maintained grid; protects the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars; comes with a unified payment gateway; optimizes energy use; and reduces carbon emissions.

Iskraemeco’s eMobility solution can be applied to virtually any layout or environment—from residential homes to large retail and business centers and public parking lots. As an e-mobility service provider we offer a turnkey solution with an excellent user experience, a stable grid, and numerous functionalities in every situation.

Charging electric vehicles: Solutions for public and home use


Commercial and workplace charging

  • Faster Charging Cycles: electric vehicles in your fleet can be charged and ready to go much quicker compared to relying on slower AC chargers. This translates to less downtime between deliveries or services.
  • Optimized Operations: Faster charging allows for better scheduling and route planning for your electric fleet, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient operations.

High Traffic Public Charging Stations

  • Located along major highways, busy urban areas, or key transportation hubs. Quick chargers can significantly reduce wait times for drivers needing a quick top-up before continuing their journey.

Public charging

  • Fast DC chargers can be used to create public charging stations in convenient locations, such as shopping centers, gas stations, and rest areas. This can help to expand the availability of fast charging infrastructure

Charging stations for long-range EVs

  • Newer electric vehicles with larger battery packs can benefit greatly from the faster charging speeds offered by quick chargers up to 180kW

Commercial fleet charging

  • Companies with fleets of electric vehicles, such as taxis, delivery vans, or public transportation buses, can utilize quick chargers to minimize downtime during charging cycles

Home charging for high-mileage drivers

Premium charging stations for electric vehicles

  • Home charging stations
  • Community charging stations
  • Public charging stations
  • DC charging stations