ESMIG is the European association of smart energy solution providers. Our members, ranging from small to multinational companies, develop and manufacture devices, information technologies and services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy production and consumption.

The DLMS User Association is a non-profit organization that develops, maintains, supports, and promotes the DLMS/COSEM specification for data exchange between smart devices deployed into electricity, gas, heat and water and related fields infrastructures and Distribution Service Operators.

The OMS-Group e. V. is a community of interest of associations, presently figawa and KNX, and enterprises in the area of metering relevant to billing. With the Open Metering System Specification the OMS-Group has developed an open, vendor independent standard for communication interfaces and basic requirements.

For over three decades, Achilles network of buyers have developed efficient, ethical and sustainable supply chains. In over 40 countries, in more than 20 languages, Achilles works collaboratively with customers to provide supply chain solutions that improve insights.

AmCham Slovenia is a business community of opportunity and optimism. AmCham Slovenia is one of Slovenia’s largest and most active international business communities, uniting more than 400 Slovenian and international companies.


The G3-PLC Alliance is a consortium created in 2011 to standardize and promote G3-PLC technology globally. Today, the G3-PLC Alliance counts almost 100 members that are international key stakeholders of the smart grid ecosystem, including utilities, semiconductor companies, equipment manufacturers and industrial companies.

The Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST) is recognized as the national standards body in the Republic of Slovenia.

Managers’ association of Slovenia connects more than 1200 Slovenian managers and supporting the development of management in Slovenia for more than 30 years.