The need for advanced energy monitoring

Energy and facility managers face the complex challenge of minimizing energy costs while maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

Iskraemeco’s Energy and climate monitoring solution addresses these challenges by offering precise monitoring of indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, pressure, and dew point.

With an extension of the basic package, energy consumption can also be measured.

Solution architecture

By monitoring energy, temperature, humidity, pressure, and dewpoint data, our solution provides you with the critical insights needed to make well-informed decisions.

Our system diligently records and transmits data in 15-minute intervals, ensuring consistent and reliable monitoring. This level of precision is crucial for identifying areas where resources are being inefficiently used.

What sets our solution apart is its ease of installation and intuitive operation. It is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure.

Solution components


Our sensors are engineered to measure temperature, humidity, and pressure. They communicate via wM-Bus with  our gateway, which then transmits data via mobile to the cloud application every 15 minutes.

Symbiot software suite

The Symbiot software suite is a versatile platform designed for efficient, secure, and automated energy management. It supports near real-time data processing, promoting energy efficiency and reducing total ownership costs.

Transform the way you monitor your building’s energy and climate

With Iskraemeco solution, you’re not just installing a system; you’re investing in efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings.


Climate monitoring in buildings

  • A comprehensive understanding of the building’s environment.
  • Protecting buildings and their interiors from climate-related damage.

Easy installation and operation

  • “Plug & Play” experience.
  • Intuitive user interface with drop & click functionality.
  • SaaS-solution is hosted by Iskraemeco, requiring no customer IT resources.

Alerts and reports

Customizable alerts, regular reports and benchmarking.

Flexible and scalable

for future expansions, including additional sensors for more comprehensive monitoring.

One-stop-shop advantage

All solution components are produced in-house. This ensures quality, interoperability, and allows any customization.