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total carbon footprint reduction since 2013

Part of Elsewedy Electric

Elsewedy Electric creates sustainable projects in energy and infrastructure that enable businesses, communities and regions to thrive. Since its beginnings in 1938, the company has evolved from a manufacturer of electrical products to a global provider of integrated energy, smart infrastructure and investment solutions.
More about Elsewedy Electric
  • Digital platform company
  • Provider of smart energy and water solutions
  • All requisite ISO quality certificates
  • Global company with local footprint
  • Regional manufacturing facilities and service hubs
  • Technology Design Centers in Slovenia, India, and Egypt
  • Sustainable innovation trendsetter
  • Supporting digital and green transformation
  • Partner of choice

Our people

A successful company is fueled by a world-class talent pool. In Iskraemeco, we are building unique competitive advantages and strengthening our leading position in the industry through innovation, flexibility, agility, ownership, and empowerment.

Iskraemeco professionals have been transforming their invaluable expertise, ingenuity, and thorough understanding of our customers’ needs into comprehensive energy and water management solutions.

Commitment, integrity, and learning spirit are essential to our growth-oriented corporate culture. Our employees consistently exceed customer expectations.

We focus on building long-term relationships to achieve sustainable business growth. Through our relentless efforts and unwavering commitment to our employees, partners, and customers, we endeavor to make the energy and water markets smart and efficient, therefore creating a world in which technology meets the needs of nature.

Teamwork, experience, and partnership are the pillars that enables us to achieve shared goals and build a successful company—together, we can accomplish anything!

We are Iskraemeco

Integral part of our business decisions

Making communities more resilient and energy efficient in the face of environmental change needs digital transformation, help from cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. At Iskraemeco, we believe that digital solutions serve as levers to accelerate benefits for utilities, cities, and communities. We provide digital solutions that enable and safeguard data-driven energy and water management and enhance service effectiveness.

Through the integration of digital platforms into the heart of our business operations, we can now serve our customers with a reliable, robust data management foundation that opens up new value creation opportunities. To optimize energy and water consumption, streamline operations more efficiently, and propel green and digital transformation, we are investing in initiatives and services that employ data science to create innovative solutions.

Using new technologies and big data analytics, we are focusing on the need to modernize the grid and make infrastructure more reliable. At Iskraemeco we are committed to achieving operational excellence, the highest possible quality, seamless connectivity, and the utmost data privacy and cybersecurity to bring about an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced future.


Consistent adherence to client specifications and needs, as well as thorough testing at every stage, are the hallmarks of a high-quality product. Iskraemeco is not a place where excellence happens by chance. It is the foundation of our business and is used in everything we do. Our mission is to offer each customer top-tier service and a timely resolution to their challenges by reacting with swift, strategic, and open-minded decision-making process.

Data privacy and cybersecurity

With the rising prevalence of digital technologies, it is important to ensure that all data related to digital operations is secured and protected from cyber threats. Iskraemeco consistently integrates and enhances multilayer end-to-end security throughout the whole communication chain. Cybersecurity and data privacy are at the center of all layers and represent vital components of our products and digital solutions. We offer a comprehensive metering service and data environment that functions as a secure union, for which we have developed a key management system in respect of our customers’ requirements.


With increasing globalization, we design each of our products and solutions with connectivity in mind, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with preexisting infrastructures, technologies, and protocols. Our objective is to create a partner ecosystem that connects diverse meters and other IoT devices to the Iskraemeco network. For centralized data management, our partners’ products, solutions, interfaces, and systems will be connected via the Symbiot infrastructure. This will accelerate the development of smart cities by facilitating digital transformation for utilities and municipalities and delivering data for better decision-making, faster problem resolution, and more sustainable operations.

Our story

We are the heart of green and digital transformation.

For over 75 years, our passionate teams have been transforming their invaluable experiences into stories of success.

Connected across the globe, we have developed innovative solutions and energy management services that respond to today’s global challenges. Our portfolio and global influence are constantly expanding, just like our network of partners, subsidiaries, and production facilities that allow us to offer reliable support services anywhere in the world.

Key milestones


  • Silver awards presented by GZS – Gorenjska Regional Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with supporters of INOvativnost, MGTŠ and SPIRIT Slovenia, for innovations “Edge computing platform in a digitalized IoT environment” and “Robotic cell for testing smart meters”
  • Silver medal ranking by EcoVadis for sustainability efforts
  • Established a strategic partnership with DataThings
  • Partnership with CLMS – Street Lighting Solution
  • Launch of Energy 360 solution
  • Launch of eMobility PAY solution


  • Entering eMobility world
  • Acquiring GL Charge and Holosys companies
  • Regional and National Award for Special Innovation Project for the Green Penguin presented by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
  • Regional Gold Award for the best innovation for Green Penguin project, presented by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
  • Project Green Penguin among recipients of Norway Grant funding
    Platinum Certificate for Excellence AAA 2022


  • Project for smart and sustainable cities Green Penguin
  • Ambassador of Slovenian National Campaign “I Feel Slovenia”. Green. Creative. Smart.
  • Silver regional award for innovation for eIoT Modular Platform from the Gorenjska Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Platinum Creditworthiness Credit Rating Excellence
  • Solutions: Energy IoT, e-Mobility, Green Penguin
  • Platforms: IE.X and ECO-LOGIC
  • Software suite: SYMBIOT
  • Incubation and acceleration program: DATA2050
  • Technology Design Center


  • New solutions: Digital Grid and Smart Energy & Water
  • New Water business segment established
  • New brand Symbiot introduced
  • AAA Gold Creditworthiness Credit Rating Excellence
  • Growth Excellence Leadership Award
  • New Iskraemeco office in India and UAE


  • FDI Award Slovenia
  • New Iskraemeco office in Argentina


  • AAA Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence
  • Golden Innovation Award for the Fair Meter and AC750 Communication platform


  • AC750 modular communication platform
  • Golden Innovation Award for the smart meter platform


  • Fair meter and introduction of the company’s sustainability strategy


  • 4th generation of smart modular meters


  • First interoperable meters


  • New Iskraemeco office in Egypt


  • First AMR roll-out


  • First residential AMR system


  • First electronic AMR system


  • First electronic precision meter


  • Founding of the company

Our history

Since its founding in 1945, the company has maintained and upgraded its core mission – to develop and manufacture top-quality and technologically-advanced electricity metering products. A year after it had been set up, it started production of single-phase meters, and in 1956 it expanded its product range to include three-phase meters. In the 1970s the company broadened its operations beyond its national borders. The 1970s were marked by innovative breakthroughs as our experts developed our first electronic high precision meters and ripple control receivers. In 1986 the emphasis on growing an own development base and constant focus on the future resulted in the setting up of the first system for the collection and processing of billing data. Only a decade after the launch of its first Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, the company started to market its first AMR system for household users.

The new millennium brought new opportunities and challenges. A breakthrough opportunity to establish the company firmly outside Slovenia’s borders came in 2004, when we successfully completed our first large-scale AMR project in Sweden. In Finland Iskraemeco worked with partners to set up a GSM-based system covering half a million metering points. The company maintained its focus on further development of smart meters. It even went a step further, offering its customers complete interoperability. In 2011 Iskraemeco’s first interoperable meter from the Mx381 family was IDIS certified. Iskraemeco is one of the founding members of the Interoperable Device Interface Specifications (IDIS) Industry Association, which provides multifunctional specifications to ensure complete interoperability of devices produced by different manufacturers. In 2014 the company produced more than half a million meters with GSM/G communication. At the end of 2014 we launched a new, fourth, generation of smart meters, the modular AM550.

In 2015 Iskraemeco designed the Fair Meter project in collaboration with our Dutch customers. A Fair Meter is a smart electricity meter for which we know exactly where, how and from what it was made. Our objective in Fair Meter production is to reduce the meter’s environmental and social footprint.

In 2017 we launched a modular communication platform and the first platform-based product, AC750. In the same year, the company’s development achievements were recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the Republic of Slovenia, which presented Iskraemeco with the nation-wide Golden Innovation Award for the most innovative companies and innovators in Slovenia. In 2018 Iskraemeco received the AAA Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence, which is awarded by the Bisnode credit rating agency. The certificate places Iskraememco among 1.6. percent of best companies in the country. The year 2018 also saw a Golden Innovation Award for the Fair Meter project and two regional Golden Innovation Awards – for the AC750 communication platform and for the Fair Meter.

Iskraemeco is the recipient of the FDI Award Slovenia 2019, which the Republic of Slovenia awards in recognition of the outstanding role of foreign direct investors who generated impressive business results in the previous year and made an impressive contribution to the development of Slovenia’s economy. Iskraemeco has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Growth Excellence Leadership Award in the Global Smart Metering Industry. Our company has been as a game changer recognised for its focus on building high-level customer satisfaction, establishing relationships based on transparency and trust among stakeholders in the value chain, as well as its commitment to sustainable technology, fierce strategic initiatives and strong overall performance.

Today and beyond

Iskraemeco’s future is bright – bright green and smart. Iskraemeco is aggressively pursuing its sustainability strategy, built on the three pillars of internal processes, partnerships and the supply chain. Today Iskraemeco is the industry leader in the field of comprehensive sustainable energy solutions. Digital services are another bright part of Iskrameco’s future. In an ever more interlinked and hyperconnected world, companies need more than just the smartest meters on earth; they need experienced, dedicated companies to help manage their data and information flows. Iskraemeco’s digital expertise makes it the world’s most reliable provider of these services.