Solution portfolio

Meter data asset management

Meter data asset management is a computational solution that uses data mining to identify meter efficiencies, customer consumption anomalies, declining consumption, blocked meters and more.


  • Accurate revenue collection.
  • Lower labor costs.
  • Planning for future demand.
  • Targeted tariffs.
  • Billing transparency (customer side).

Key customer monitoring

The digital solution is a telemetry system focused to C&I consumers. It includes hardware, software and data analytics for monitoring large consumers.


  • Improved customer experience and communication.
  • Minimization of labor costs.
  • Continuous monitoring of large consumers for billing purposes.

Billing / commercial system

The solution is a digitized process to minimize billing issues, increase billing accuracy through better and smarter billing, reduce unbilled water, summarize unauthorized consumption, reduce meter reading errors, and reduce billing errors. A digitized, utility-wide meter-to-bill system could provide a solution to
effectively address sources of nonrevenue water.

Meter data collection

The solution is software responsible for sensor data collection. It enables access and analyses of massive amounts of data, which offers insight, facilitates data driven decisions, and improves the satisfaction of utility operators and end users.


  • Consumption monitoring aiming billing.
  • Consumption water profile.
  • Leak and anomalies detection.

Customer portal

The solution is a digital tool to measure customer experience and incentivize water companies to provide successful water service. Regulators require the implementation of KPIs focused on customer experience. It allows utility customers to access water usage, billing and payment information, receive notifications and messages from the utility
through their preferred communication channel, perform self-service functions, manage account profiles and others.

Symbiot’s Energy 360 Mobile Application

It is not your ordinary app; it is the ultimate
easy-to-use meter consumption management

Through a few clicks you will be able to:

  • Easily navigate through your installed
  • Multi-tenant app, viewing different meters
    from various destinations.
  • Recharge and monitor the balance.
  • View your electricity and water consumption
  • Pay your bills quickly and efficiently.
  • Select and pay for more than one meter at
    a time.

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Our Digital Water Solutions represents a paradigm shift in the water industry, delivering unprecedented levels of digital transformation to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

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