Solution portfolio

Smart pumping optimization

Unlike traditional pumping operations that are controlled by reservoir water level or network pressure, smart pumping optimization interacts in real time with sensor data and software to manage the pumping operations.


  • Operational efficiency: it reduces the amount of energy and electricity costs.
  • Minimizing asset lifecycle costs: it reduces total cost of ownership by lowering operating and maintenance costs through condition monitoring.
  • Environmental regulations: It aims to reduce
    greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions on
    a global scale.

Operational visibility

Integrated visualization of water operational data enables better control of water network management. Depending on sensor coverage and sampling, the solution computes automatically IWA Water Balance allowing monitor nonrevenue water.


  • Operational efficiency: monitoring water
    network operations; understanding the
    benefits of taking a holistic view of networks
    and the assets within them.
  • Labor costs: reducing the amount of time
    staff spend manually performing these tasks.
  • Asset management: monitoring assets and
    reducing the number of reactive repairs.
  • Planning.

Asset management solution (GIS solution)

The asset management solution is an operational tool that a utility can use to optimize the useful life, performance and cost of an asset.


  • Maximize uptime and ensure assets are operating optimally.
  • Predictive analysis that not only identifies
    failures, but also predicts them before they
  • Organize asset inventory for regulatory requirements.

Digital leak management

Our solution ageing water infrastructure combined with increasingly extreme weather leads to failing pipes, extensive losses and increasing costs. Unlike a lot of sensors on field to detect potential leakages we have a unique solution to identify the potential leak areas is powered by Geospatial AI and enables you to remotely determine the most at-risk areas of your entire pipeline network before failure occurs.


  • Remotely gain new insights into the
    condition of your entire network.
  • Reduce the cost and time of finding leaks.
  • Reduce non-revenue water losses.
  • Optimize maintenance and modernization

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Our Digital Water Solutions represents a paradigm shift in the water industry, delivering unprecedented levels of digital transformation to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

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