Symbiot software suite

Symbiot is a future-proof and adaptable intelligent software suite that enables easy, highly secure and automated management of any utility business, based on real-time data processing.

Symbiot makes it easy to build and manage smart utility environments in any sector, from simple smart home connections to complex utility grids.


Symbiot Twinner

Symbiot Twinner is a cutting-edge solution that serves as a digital twin of the physical electricity grid. This real-time digital twin empowers grid operators with enhanced monitoring and control capabilities, revolutionizing the way we manage and optimize the grids.

eIoT EDGE compute module

The eIoT EDGE Compute Module upgrades smart energy meters and accelerates the deployment of diverse energy services and applications.

Smart meters are upgraded with an additional EDGE compute module that enables complex data processing, scalability, and is open for integrations with external partners.