Mission and vision



We support our customers in mastering their digital transformation journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future.
  • With cutting-edge technology at its core, we integrate all the devices, systems, and services into comprehensive and customized end-to-end solutions that optimize processes, costs, and resource usage.​
  • We create digital platforms that translate data into powerful insights, and our applications enable utilities and cities to make smart decisions to ensure a better life and future for their businesses and customers.​
  • We empower our customers and utilities throughout the world to overcome challenges by turning them into new opportunities for efficient energy and water consumption.


To be one of the most innovative digital platform companies in solving energy, water, and city challenges while advancing sustainable living.
  • Using the power of data and the latest technology, we provide digital platform solutions that enable cities, businesses, and individuals across the globe to optimize their energy and water consumption by ensuring safety, reliability, and cybersecurity. ​
  • ​We act as enablers of green and digital transformations. By leveraging technologies and providing superior services, we enable demand-side flexibility and active market participation to optimize energy and water efficiency.​
  • ​Our pursuit of net-zero emissions is ultimately leading to environmental protection activities and securing a better life for future generations.

Our values

We foster cultural diversity, collaboration and teamwork. ​

By embracing diversity and promoting inclusiveness, we inspire creativity, ignite passion, and boost performance. We are bringing together individuals from different cultural backgrounds, with different work experiences and distinct perspectives. We learn from, encourage, trust and respect one another.

We are one team, strengthened by passion and talent. ​

We act with integrity.

What we do and how we do it defines us. We communicate openly and we are responsible for our actions. We display reliability and trustworthiness, and we have high moral and ethical standards. We operate with respect, we listen with empathy, we care for and support each other.

We treat our business partners, consumers, and one another with trust, honesty, and courtesy.​

We strive for excellence.

By chasing perfection, we catch excellence. As a company, we aim to deliver top-quality products, advanced solutions, and superior services. We continuously strive for new ways to perform and to improve. Our philosophy is to simplify the lives of our customers and make them more efficient.​

We always strive to add value to our products and services and exceed expectations.​

We commit to win.

We are empowered, accountable, and committed to success. We passionately pursue our goals; we seek and grow competitive advantages, and we are determined to win. We transform our experience into learning and growth, and we courageously advance towards the future. ​

We are eager and brave in our pursuit of designing game-changing solutions and empowered to reach our full potential. ​

We innovate to make a difference.

Innovation, agility, and creativity are fundamental elements of our culture. Our success and competitive edge rely on innovation in all aspects of our business and daily lives. We are flexible and quick to seize on new trends, technologies, and opportunities. ​

We build a better, more sustainable future and enhance the lives of people and communities while preserving our planet.​

Social responsibility

What we take, we must give back.

At Iskraemeco, we support sustainable development practices that advocate economic growth in harmony with the environment and aim to improve the whole world’s quality of life, both today and in the future.

Our products and services foster the responsible use of natural resources and encourage end-users to make sustainable choices in their everyday energy consumption.

We design our products and business processes to minimize the environmental impacts of waste, conserve water use, and mitigate emissions as much as possible.

Iskraemeco is part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, a network of like-minded entities that act by ten universally accepted principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment, and measures against corruption.

All Iskraemeco employees respect and act following our environmental and safety policies. We regularly train company workers, ensuring that the environment is always at the forefront.

Research, development, and innovation are paramount to our business. They are the very foundation that sustainable economic success is built upon. We comply with all relevant health, safety, and environmental certifications and standards stated below.

ISO 9001
ISO 50001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001
ISO 17020
ISO 17025
MID Directive
OHSAS 18001

We are a proud sponsor of the educational, cultural, and medical fields. This gives us a socially responsible way to give back to our community that supported us throughout the years and allowed us to grow together in the pursuit of carbon-neutral cities.