Strategic engineering

Within strategic engineering, we identify and analyze brand new technologies that could help us in the future to maintain our competitive advantage in the market. We perform continuous technology scouting and manage opportunities as part of a strategic technology roadmap. At the same time, we look for synergies to collaborate and participate in research projects with other companies from different areas and industries

Design house

Through design douse, we manage existing platforms such as smart residential meters, data concentrators, and metering software solutions. Understanding the customer’s pain-points is essential for coordinating the content of a future project and develop optimal solutions for both parties. Already in the project planning phase, we work closely with product management to ensure that we are doing the right thing for our customers as part of the project, while expanding our product portfolio.


In the third stage, we start implementing the project and strive to complete the necessary activities as effectively as possible through the Embedded Systems and Software Development departments. As we are usually working on 30 to 40 projects simultaneously, a clear overview of present and future activities helps us to be constantly aware of potential risks and to take prompt action.


Project validation

In the last stage, our Test and Validation Center ensures that the customer receives exactly what is required. The implementation of this stage requires maximal agility. To this point, the center is actively involved in the review of activities and, in order to meet the deadlines, sometimes even involved in the execution ahead of schedule.

Kranj, Slovenia
Cairo, Egypt
Calcutta, India

The Project Management Office coordinates all four phases of development and the Technology Design Centers in Slovenia, India, and Egypt through centralized project management.

The transparency of the overall execution of all projects depends on the project managers’ ability to successfully organize and communicate the content of an individual project.

They are also responsible for managing the risk of the projects and reporting on the status to the various stakeholders in the company.

However, none of this would be possible without a dedicated team. Recent initiatives concerning the shortage of material for our production have made this point abundantly evident. We collaborate and operate on a global scale, and we include new employees around the world to acquire new knowledge and additional skills.

In addition to the central hub in Kranj, we have established technology development hubs also in Cairo and Calcutta, and we
have several more expansions planned.

The result is that the Technology Design Center has become more unified in all key areas including mastering key technologies, understanding and completing key activities for implementing projects for major customers, successfully implementing and validating projects, increasing expertise and, last but not least, improving the organizational climate.