Smart lighting management system by Iskraemeco

Solution portfolio

The Iskraemeco Smart Lighting Management System is designed to maximize energy savings and build contemporary smart cities.

Our intelligent lighting management system provides a cost-effective and reliable lighting control solution for all types of public lighting.

Innovative technology

Based on a globally patented technology, the system can detect broken luminaries in real-time without requiring a sophisticated and expensive communication infrastructure. Using a cloud-based management system, a smart meter with added EDGE computing capabilities, and standard LED lights, the solution provides by far the most reliable application with a TCO that far outperforms any other solutions currently available on the market.

The solution also enables retrofitting the existing luminary base without the need to replace the bulb. Through a single dashboard, cities can remotely control, assess, and manage the lighting on roads, streets, parks, and open spaces.

With our solution, the customer’s lighting system will be fully digitized at the lowest TCO on the market. Iskraemeco offers reliable technologies that enable smart street lighting solutions, raising living standards, boosting the economy, and lowering energy use, costs, and CO2 footprint in urban areas.

Benefits of smart lighting

LED lighting reduces energy consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional luminaires. When enhanced with an automated smart lighting management system, a total energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved, allowing cities to reduce operational costs and their carbon footprint.

Increases maintenance efficiency and resource allocation by automatically notifying of faulty luminaires and ordering timely repair visits.

Eliminates the need for expensive communication infrastructure. Smart meters simply manage the entire ecosystem and connect with a cloud-based management system for configuration and presentation only.

Provides full energy consumption supervision and detects any anomalies present.

Detects broken luminaries in real-time, so that the system alerts you on the needed replacement.

Automatically turns luminaries on and off according to geographical location and time of year.

Enables retrofitting the existing luminary base without the need to replace the luminary.

Allows you to update the fixtures installed in the field comfortably remotely, with the possibility of also performing a downgrade.

Enables security as a critical design consideration in smart street lighting to safeguard your devices.

In addition to their traditional function of illumination, public lighting systems today offer a wide range of other services thanks to smart lighting technology.

Streetlights have evolved into intelligent, connected devices in line with the Internet of Things (IoT) framework. As a result, they are now able to collect and transmit data through smart metering devices, resulting in the creation of smart city lighting.

We believe in green initiatives

Maximum energy savings

Utilize intelligent systems to reduce the installation’s operating costs by adjusting the luminance in the most productive ways.

Easy management

By designing a smart lighting system, it is possible to control, monitor, and respond to the system remotely in real-time.

Respect the planet

Developing a smart and efficient lighting system for public areas also means protecting the environment and lowering CO2 emissions.