Elumia Smart Lighting Management System Brochure

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The challenges we confront: 

  • High energy consumption of traditional lighting solutions: Up to 65% of a city’s electricity budget is consumed by traditional lighting solutions.
  • High financial expenditure of traditional lighting solutions: Traditional lighting solutions result in high maintenance and operational costs, accounting for up to 10% of a city’s total expenditure.
  • Safety and security: Enhanced street lighting contributes to safer urban environments, reducing accidents and criminal activities.
  • Technological advancements: Elumia has utilized the latest developments, including IoT technology, to enhance its smart lighting management system
  • Regulatory support: Elumia is designed to meet a wide range of regulatory compliance standards and can be tailored to your clients’ specific regional preferences and requirements.

Solution portfolio

Elumia lighting management system provides a cost-effective and reliable lighting control solution for all types of public lighting.

Based on a globally patented technology, the system can detect broken luminaries in real-time without requiring a sophisticated and expensive communication infrastructure.

The implementation of the solution is straightforward, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure. Its compatibility with various technologies and adherence to open standards simplifies the integration process.

Components of the solution include: a cloud-based management system, a smart meter with added EDGE computing capabilities, and standard LED lights.

Elumia additionally enables retrofitting the existing luminary base without the need to replace the bulb.

Cities can remotely control, evaluate, and manage the lighting on roads, streets, parks, and other public spaces using a single dashboard.

With Elumia, your lighting system will be fully digitized, all while maintaining the lowest TCO on the market.


  • Luminaire health monitoring: Detection of malfunctioning luminaires in real-time, ensuring timely replacements.
  • Energy supervision: Monitoring of energy consumption and quick identification of anomalies.
  • Intelligent lighting control: Adjustment of luminaires based on their geographical location and the time of year, optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Flexible scheduling: Creation of custom on-off schedules based on the calendar, allowing for efficient energy management.
  • External luminaire control: Control of external luminaires, all from within the Elumia ecosystem.
  • Multiple control options: Turning lights on and off internally or through external switches; other devices can also be controlled.
  • Retrofitting made easy: Upgrade of existing luminaire base without the hassle of replacing the entire fixture, saving time and resources.
  • Certified metering: Elumia is using an MID certified device for power and energy measurement. Data can be used for energy inspection.
  • Theft detection: Elumia includes theft detection features to safeguard your valuable assets.
  • Remote firmware updates: Update fixtures in the field remotely, including the option to perform downgrades if necessary.
  • Grid and luminaire protection: Elumia ensures there are no inrush current issues, protecting both the grid and luminaires.
  • Centralized management: Utilize Elumia’s central street light management system based on GIS for efficient oversight.
  • Global connectivity: Enjoy out-of-the-box global connectivity via the LTE Cat-1 cellular network, keeping you connected wherever you are.
  • Redundant connectivity: Benefit from two independent connections, each with four endpoints, ensuring robust communication.
  • Security focus: Elumia prioritizes security, ensuring your smart street lighting system remains protected from potential threats.
  • Built-in security: Elumia includes a state-of-the-art VPN for security right out of the box.
  • Effortless installation: With zero-configuration installation, getting started with Elumia is a breeze.

Benefits of smart street lighting

Low investment costs

  • At least 25% savings compared to other IoT solutions.
  • Eliminates the need for additional electronics in each street luminaire.
  • Streamlines street control cabinets, requiring only an electricity meter.

Reduced monitoring and maintenance costs

  • Requires no site inspections.
  • Automatically detects broken luminaires in real-time, eliminating the need for manual inspections.
  • Provides comprehensive energy consumption supervision and anomaly detection.

Dynamic street light operation

  • Automatic on-off schedules based on geographical location and time of year.
  • Supports external on-off control.

Advanced energy management

  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption for each streetlight, per phase, and per street.
  • Theft detection capabilities.
  • Remote power control is based on calendar schedules.
  • Protects the grid and luminaires from inrush current.
  • Centralized street light management system based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 footprint.

Freedom from vendor lock-in for streetlights

  • Compatible with various luminaire vendors, including Inventronics, Osram, Philips, and more.

Why Elumia is unique?

World-wide patented technology of sequential measurement of street lightning
No Radio Frequency (RF) technology
Compatible with all existing luminaires, both LED and other older technology
Investments are much lower (at least 25%) compared to existing IoT solutions

Elevated security standards

We have meticulously crafted Elumia with the latest in cutting-edge security technologies and industry best practices to protect customer data and prevent cyber threats.

Elumia provides a comprehensive set of security features to protect data during transfer, storage, and use. It employs a variety of encryption techniques, including AES-256 encryption, to ensure that data remains impervious to unauthorized access. It also includes role-based access control, an audit logging system, and an intrusion detection system, ensuring your data remains untampered with. Our devices undergo rigorous penetration testing to provide you with the ultimate assurance of cyber resilience.

Navigating city lighting challenges: How Elumia solves main challenges of the street lighting operators


Operational inefficiencies

  • Inability to accurately detect faulty lamps due to inadequate data.
  • Reliance on manual inspections.
  • Lengthy maintenance activities impacting service delivery.
Elumia reduces the maintenance bottlenecks:
  • Enhanced transparence, visibility and instant communication for operational quality improvement.
  • Real-time detection of broken luminaires.
  • Centralized data management on a single platform.

High operational costs

  • High operational costs due to manual, on-site inspections.
  • Dependence on specific luminaire vendors.
  • Non-optimized lamp stock.
Elumia reduces OPEX:
  • No manual site inspections.
  • Compatible with all existing luminaires, both LED and other older technology.
  • No need for additional hardware and communicaiton infrastructure.

High energy consumption

  • Up to 65% of a city’s electricity budget
Elumia enables energy savings:
  • Real-time monitoring and remote control of power consumption.
  • Centralized street light management system based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Theft detection capabilities.
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 footprint.



High investment costs for smart lighting solutions:

  • High initial investments due to costly sensors and communication costs.
Elumia is a cost-effective smart lighting solution:
  • 25% savings compared to other IoT vendors.
  • Minimal initial investment plug-and-play. Unlike competitors who require expensive sensors, the Elumia uses power consumption profiles to monitor the health of the lighting system.
  • Retrofitting of existing luminaire bases without the need for bulb replacement



Smart lighting solution integration challenges

  • Multiple, uncentralized data systems; complex technical data referencing.
  • Lack of trained personal for solution’s integration and maintenance.
Elumia offers seamless integration and upgrades:
  • Interoperability with various technologies for seamless integration.
  • Customizable to meet unique client needs.
  • Reliable and scalable, with easy maintenance and expansion.
  • Integration expertise and support from Iskraemeco.


We believe in green initiatives

Maximum energy savings

Utilize intelligent systems to reduce the installation’s operating costs by adjusting the luminance in the most productive ways.


Easy management

By designing a smart lighting system, it is possible to control, monitor, and respond to the system remotely in real-time.

Respect the planet

Developing a smart and efficient lighting system for public areas also means protecting the environment and lowering CO2 emissions.