• Inefficiency of traditional lighting management systems

Management of conventional lighting infrastructure is a labor-intensive process that relies heavily on manual inspections, struggling to pinpoint malfunctioning luminaires. This approach is costly both in terms of time and resources and, even more importantly, does not provide a comprehensive overview of the lighting infrastructure.

  • Need for digitizing the existing public lighting system

Modern urban environments need a system that monitors and measures parameters in the public lighting system, facilitates automatic reporting, and provides detailed maintenance instructions.

  • High energy costs

Concerns over high energy costs associated with traditional lighting technologies.

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Download the PDF to discover how Elumia's intelligent lighting monitoring solution has significantly enhanced urban infrastructure in Ludbreg and Križevci, Croatia's two distinct cities.

Project overview

  • Ludbreg and Križevci municipalities, Croatia.
  • Year of implementation: 2023.
Challenges / goals
  • Inefficiency of traditional lighting management systems.
  • Need for digitizing the existing public lighting system.
  • High energy costs.


  • 137 smart meters with EDGE computing capabilities and 5,000 standard LED lights.
  • Elumia smart lighting monitoring system.


Elumia’s smart lighting solution digitizes public lighting in Croatia, improving efficiency and reducing costs for cities.

Solution: Three essential components


LED luminaries with delayed-ON switching

Providing flexibility with a choice of standard luminaires from various vendors. For luminaires without the delayed-ON function, CLSM sequencers have been added.


Symbiot Elumia cloud-based software

Serving as a central access point for all ELUMIA lighting controllers.

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Improved operational efficiency

  •  Transparency, one-point access, visibility, and instant communication (alarms, reports, job orders for maintenance teams) to improve the quality of operations.
  • GIS map of the public lighting system.
  • Supervision of each lamp and LDC’s
  • Measurement of consumption for each
    element and the entire system.
  • User reporting on system status.

Reducing monitoring and maintenance costs

  • Reduction in ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Fewer manual site inspections.
  • Real-time detection of malfunctioning luminaires.
  • Real-time power on/off based on a scheduled cycle and targeted intervention.

Lower investment costs

  • Elimination of the need for additional electronics, devices, and costly communication infrastructure. Only an electricity meter and standard LED lights with delayed ON switching are required.
  • Significant reduction in cabinet and total installation costs.

Theft detection

Theft detection is an important benefit resulting from the implementation of the Elumia solution. Using our system, the customer has detected abnormally high energy consumption, surpassing the set values. Upon conducting a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the owner of a truck parking facility had illicitly connected to the municipal lighting system, utilizing public lighting on his private property.

Reduced TCO

Significant reduction in lighting control cabinet components, total installation costs and total cost of ownership.