Many end-users have poor awareness of their consumption, and a considerable part of the existing electricity infrastructure still needs to be manually verified.

  • Customers often poorly understand their own consumption
  • Paper bills are cumbersome and unsustainable
  • Old meter infrastructure must still be checked manually

Our smart prepayment solution simplifies administrative work and minimizes customer complaints with automated billing, paperless payment, and flexible payment options.

Solution architecture


  • A customer interface unit (CIU) communicating with a metering unit by MBUS, RF, or PLC for energy consumption and credit balance monitoring, credit limitation alarming, and credit charging
  • Smart prepaid energy meters (smart prepaid gas meters, smart prepaid water meters, smart prepaid electricity meters), single or 3-phase devices measuring consumption per residence
  • A data concentrator unit (DCU) collecting data from a group of smart prepaid electricity meters, usually through G3-PLC communication
  • A network connecting the DCUs with the data center / WebClient (or POS) through either GPRS or ethernet communication.


  • Web Client, a workstation registered in the system that can charge customers, display reports, communicate with the prepay smart meters, etc.


  • Data center and head office, a virtual infrastructure for housing computers, servers and networking systems, software systems and company’s IT needs, a platform or database and application in our smart prepayment solution.

Smart prepayment benefits

Fast and user-friendly processing

  • Credit can be purchased through an app anywhere and anytime
  • Utilities save immense resources on administration and resolving complaints
  • Multiple remote interfaces, with smart prepayment meters and billing data on the mobile app
  • Customer relations are improved through transparent, real-time data

Optimizing the distribution system

  • Operation and automation of the energy grid
  • Continuous health and quality control of the energy grid
  • Utilizing edge-computing on smart meters and sensors
  • Involving IoT on the system level

Utilizing renewable resources

  • Management of distributed resources, from generation and consumption to storage
  • Enabling energy origin, from type, amounts to the origin of energy


  • Supporting communities in the efficient operation of local generation, consumption, and storage
  • Enabling forecasting with the inclusion of weather data, social aspects, and energy data

Ancillary services

  • Supporting tertiary and secondary reserve services
  • Enabling community-supported management of distributed resources

Trading services

  • Energy data exchange for smart grid stakeholders

Project execution

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Energy transition has prompted revolutionary changes in business models and technological solutions. Together with our vision of an intelligent, more energy-efficient future, it is the driving force of constant progress and a vital element of our business development. We are always happy to customize components and systems to fit your specific needs, solve your challenges, and offer you the very best solution and support.