About the project

In an increasingly connected world, businesses need much more than the smartest meters available in the market – they are looking for experienced, dedicated companies that can help them manage data and data streams.
With our solutions, we aim to continue to build on global sustainable policies and implement our sustainable development strategy, offering the customers flexible, across-the-board energy solutions that encompass extensive expertise on the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as digitization of data flows.

As part of the consortium’s digital transformation project, Iskraemeco will implement eight advanced and intertwined digital technologies which comprise the following:

  • Robotics and process automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence for the transformation of decision-making systems
  • Digital twins (production and knowledge)
  • Big data
  • AR/VR
  • 3D printing

Project objectives

  1. Increase efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of large enterprises through the adoption of digital innovation, automation, robotization, and 4IR and 5IR technologies: The key innovation is the idea of monitoring LEAN parameters within the digital twin; and the project has many digital solutions dedicated to Industry 4.0.
  2. Increased use of advanced digital technologies in other companies: The technology consortium partners and two value chain partners (a buyer and a supplier) will increase the level of digital technologies already in use through upgrades and new digital solutions. They will also be offered a planned increase in expertise in other digital technologies, with a focus on ensuring convergence effects.
  3. Developing new or improving existing digital products and services: The digital transformation project will have a major impact on the quality of products.
  4. Changed business models, process innovation and development of new innovation platforms: For DT4DL, Iskraemeco, d.d. has developed a new digital business model of the XaaS type.

The investment is part of the actions of the Slovenian Roadmap, funded by The Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Recovery and Resilience Plan (the RRP) is a national programme of reforms and investments to mitigate the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovenia. The planned measures will support long-term sustainable growth and address the challenges of the green and digital transition by 2026.

Iskraemeco’s most important partner, with whom they will work to establish the new business model, is ADD.

The DT4DL, Digital Twin for Digital Lean, project will support the vision, mission and objectives of the Digital Transformation Strategy by: deploying advanced technologies as part of the digital transformation; strengthening the ecosystem for a competitive economy; and contributing to an open and sustainable society as a basis for the growth of the digital economy, as 8 advanced technologies will be deployed within the consortium.

Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.



By developing a digital twin, we will monitor the business impact of digital transformation based on results measured by LEAN parameters. The main benefit of the project is to improve both internal and external processes of Iskraemeco along the whole chain (supplier – Iskraemeco – customer). Together with the consortium technology partner, we will build on this in a new business model of a new XaaS (Anything as a Service) type service and create a digital twin platform, smart analytics for artificial intelligence and data vizualisation, mostly based on IoT data capture.

Project duration

4/2022 – 3/2024

Total project value

5.420.000 €

Co-financing value

1.660.000 €


Iskraemeco successfully completes Digital Twin for Digital Lean project

We have successfully completed the ‘Digital Twin for Digital Lean’ project. By implementing advanced technologies such as the digital twin, robotics, automation, IoT, and AI, we’ve significantly improved our internal and external processes.

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New in Digital Twin for Digital Lean project activities

As part of the Digital Twin for Digital Lean project’s activities, we welcomed members from the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport on Wednesday, January 17. This project is co-funded through the ‘Digital Transformation of Companies’ tender. The purpose of the visit was to acquaint them with the ongoing activities and final objectives of the project.

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Practical insights into the digital twin implementation at the NT Conference

“Digital Twin for Digital Lean” is a project we launched at the start of this year, and we now had the opportunity to present its practical implications and experience with implementation at the NT Conference, biggest Slovenian technological-business event.

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Launch event and press conference

Iskraemeco organized a launch event and a press conference for the “Digital Twin for Digital Lean” project on January 17. Together with its consortium partners, Iskraemeco has received a subsidy worth 5.4 million euros for a digitalization project under which they will optimize internal processes using lean strategies based on lean data analysis services. The project is of key importance to the development of all companies in the project “Digital Twin for Digital Lean”.

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Iskraemeco The project will address internal and external processes as well as customers, reducing time wastage and errors in the order processing phase and giving customers a clearer view of the status of their order in real time. Advanced decision-making systems will make the process more cost-effective, resulting in cost optimization.
GL Charge Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles, while ensuring the best possible experience for users of our products in their transition to e-mobility. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovation to build high-quality electric vehicle chargers to help charge the way to a sustainable future. The project will allow us to work outside our own box and, as a consequence, enable a higher level of competence in product development and manufacturing.
ADD ADD’s strategy is to be a boutique but technologically advanced company specializing in the areas of data integration, storage, analysis and protection. In order to build on our company strategy, it is crucial to find sources of funding for our development, as this can accelerate the digitalization not only of our company but of a wider part of the economy, as our solutions are available for a variety of industries. ADD has been working with Iskraemeco for several years and together we have many synergies and experience of working together. We chose to participate in the consortium because it provides us with competent partners, capabilities and opportunities for further development of both the lead partner and our company.
Iskra AMS Iskra AMS is a quality manufacturer of measuring equipment, assembly lines, automated machinery and a provider of maintenance services and industrial equipment relocation and installation. By joining the project, we will gain additional skills and significantly raise the level of digital culture in the company.
3 Projekt 3 Projekt is focused on increasing productivity and efficiency in production and logistics. The company has its own patented methodology and application solution 5∆, which is focused on identifying non-value adding activities and then, through joint activities, on regulating the process. The application solution is based on xls. The project will develop a cloud-based solution that will enable 3 Projekt to deliver its services at a significantly higher level, while the application will also be handed over to Iskraemeco for permanent use.
Q-Mins The company’s mission is to sustainably ensure cost-effective production and responsibly provide quality products tailored to the customer’s needs. We develop comprehensive solutions in the field of 3D prototype printing, strengthen long-term partnerships and engage in the circular economy. This project will also benefit from more efficient data exchange for more optimal procurement and supply planning.