Field exchangeable modules

Communication is an essential element of the smart metering landscape, which is constantly evolving to allow utilities to quickly and effectively adapt to future changes in the grid infrastructure. Iskraemeco’s field-exchangeable modules AC150, AC140 and CM-LTE -3 are a future-proof and flexible solution that utilizes multiple communication technologies.


  • Modular design
  • G3-PLC technology
  • Cellular technologies
  • Universal device interface
  • WAN network
  • HAN network
  • NAN network
  • Last gasp
  • Hot swap

Key benefits

  • Simple installation and maintenance – State-of-the-art design to ensure easy and cost-effective installation and maintenance.
  • Interchangeability – The AC150 communication module uses a universal interface to seamlessly connect to a smart meter, gateway or concentrator.
  • Flexibility and upgradeability – The AC150, AC140 and CM-LTE -3 support multiple
    communication technologies.
  • Reliable and high-performance communication – The modules’ robust design and proven communication technologies ensure device connectivity across the smart grid.
  • Future proof solution – The AC150 offers a modular solution that is always up-to-date with the latest communication technologies.

Field exchangable modules brochure

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