Residential meters

MT174 – Polyphase multi-tariff meter

A polyphase multi-tariff meter with a future-proof design ready to meet diverse customer needs in energy management. A high-quality manufacturing process enables this electricity meter to deliver the performance expected in residential and small commercial environments.


  • Extensive anti-tampering package
  • Photovoltaic ready design
  • RS485 communication interface
  • Up to four internal tariffs
  • Up to four external tariff changeovers
  • Extended load profile

Key benefits

  • Communication via an optical or RS485 port
  • Measurement of instantaneous voltage, current, power, and power factor
  • On-site meter configuration
  • Up to four external tariff changeovers
  • Sleeping (passive) tariff program
  • High immunity against strong magnetic fields to 0903/20-1
  • Multiple event logs with energy fraud registers
  • Effective network quality management
  • Energy loss detection
  • Two extensive load profiles
  • Registration of manipulation attempts
  • No-power reading option
  • Maximum demand measurement
  • Sleeping (passive) tariff program
  • Neutral line energy measurement

MT174 Polyphase multi-tariff meter brochure

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