Residential meters

ME162 – Single-phase electronic meter

The ME162 electronic single-phase meters are designed for measurement and registration of active energy in single-phase two-wire networks for direct connection. The metering and technical properties of this electricity meter comply with the EN 50470-1 and -3 European standards, classes A and B, as well as with the IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62052-11 (former IEC 61036) international standards for electronic meters of active energy for classes 2 and 1. A built-in time switch complies with the IEC 62054-21 and IEC 62052-21 standards. The meter enables energy registration in up to four tariffs and is designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.


  • Internal Clock
  • Energy measurement: unidirectional or bidirectional energy flow, absolute energy measurement
  • One or two energy flow directions
  • Impulse output (tariff output on request)
  • Scroll key

Key benefits

  • Data display on LCD in no-voltage state (optional)
  • LCD backlight (optional)
  • Optical port for local data downloading and meter programming
  • Compact design
  • Active energy
  • Internal time switch
  • Impulse output (tariff output on request)
  • CS Interface

ME162 Single phase electronic meter brochure

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