C&I + Grid meters

MT880 – High precision modular meter

Iskrameco’s precision multifunction meter MT880 is modular and therefore ideally suited for large and mid-size commercial and industrial applications in smart grids.


  • Extended set of embedded Digital Grid functions
  • Exchangeable communication modules
  • A flexible set of input/output options
  • “No-power reading” option via optical port
  • Internal and external power supply
  • Extensive anti-tampering features
  • Multiple logbooks
  • Photovoltaic friendly design
  • SCADA interface
  • IEC 62056-21 and DLMS/COSEM protocol
  • Easy integration

MT880 High precision modular meter brochure

Would you like to know more about the product? Make sure to download the brochure and get more information about the features, benefits and technical specifications.

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