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IE.7 Intelligent energy meter based on eIoT modular platform

The IE.X meter series consist of reliable and versatile metering devices that offer numerous applications in power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

The series is based on an eIoT modular platform, which offers utilities maximum flexibility ranging from hardware to software and various communication modules. The IE.X will shape the future of metering business in the IoT landscape. IE stands for Intelligent Energy and X represents the various products series available.  All IE.X meters are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring that we’re always able to meet the everchanging demands of a fast-moving sector, and tailor our products and services to the individual needs of every customer.


  • Modular hardware design (field exchangeable communication device).
  • Modular firmware design.
  • High integration: Multi-utility, HAN, LAN, IO’s.
  • Support for latest communication technology: NBIoT/LTE-M/2G. ESIM, Antenna couplers.
  • Integrated breaker up to 100A.
  • Exchangeable battery improved customer GUI interface.
  • Integrated generic IO sets.
  • Customer Access to IO’s (2x Relay, P1 port).

Key benefits

  • Flexibility in our product portfolio also caters to requirements at every possible scale, from simple residential meters all the way up to advanced measurement systems for industry and everything in between.
  • Scalability is achieved through the platform’s architecture, which allows products to be scaled with specific features for different applications. This serves the RSA, RSM and ICG segments with scalable hardware and embedded software architecture (eMOS).
  • Sustainability is integrated in Iskraemeco’s DNA and our portfolio, IE.X, has low power consumption and a design that together with optimized logistics services impacting the total cost of ownership of the meter. The meter is made of recyclable material making it easy to dismantle at the end of its life cycle.
  • Connectivity is guaranteed in huge time savings by supporting M2M connectivity – such as NB -IoT, CAT -M and LTE-M – and offering full backward compatibility with 2G, 3G and 4G ensures major time savings. A capability of a sub-metering water, heat and gas meters and with an expansion of inputs and outputs accommodating their increasing importance in load management.
  • Security is ensured through fully complying with the safety requirements of European and national legislation. There are two levels at which security is ensured: Physical and Logical.

The eIoT platform

The eIoT modular platform is a foundation for the new generation of electricity meters and is designed for smart grids with an excellent modular technology and operational design.

The platform is based on a modular architecture, has a significant impact on the future of metering systems and supports all current Energy IoT solutions in the smart digital grid environment, and the development of smart cities with a focus on sustainable development.

Products based on the eIoT modular platform have Iskraemeco’s Measuring Operating System (eMOS) embedded, which monitors and maintains the hardware’s functionality and metrology. eMOS provides a platform for applications that integrate our products into a wider energy IoT system, by combining operating system technology and software development for meters.

This enables efficient new functionalities related to modern electricity distribution challenges, providing insights into network control, fault detection management, better energy efficiency, increased data security, forecasting energy consumption trends, lower operating costs and the possibility of organic and technological growth of electricity distribution (e.g. gradual replacement and upgrade of the network).

IE.X Single and three phase energy meters brochure

Would you like to know more about the product? Make sure to download the brochure and get more information about the features, benefits and technical specifications.

Smart energy product portfolio

Our robust portfolio of smart metering solutions enables us to predict future needs for efficient energy management. Based on digitized IoT solutions, our products and services provide utilities with the data they need to manage energy consumption, anticipate demand and optimize costs.