Residential smart meters

ME260 – Residential smart meter

Iskraemeco’s next-generation smart meters are deployed for the smart residential consumer/prosumer. Best-in-class design, cost-effective, reliable, and secure communication, and intelligent ‘measure everything’ innovative platform enables seamless integration of the smart metering functions into the smart grid assuring maximum flexibility.


  • Future-proof platform
  • Last gasp & first breath
  • Universal standardized transparent passthrough communication interface
  • Communication according to IS15959-1 and IS 15959-2
  • Extended set of embedded smart grid functions
  • Compliance with IS16444
  • Support of both prepayment and post-payment mode
  • Extended load profile and maximum demand measurement
  • Front-mounted communications module for easy access
  • Solid anti-tamper features
  • Four quadrant metering with import & export registration
  • S 20:20 ESD compliance at factory
  • Passes the highest reliability standards with HALT/ALT and HASS.

Key benefits

  • Modular communication to support different
  • WAN/NAN modules (RF, 2G/3G/4G, NBIoT).
  • Integrated high-level security mechanism.
  • Remote firmware upgradeability of meter.
  • Push alarms for real-time monitoring and intervention.

ME260 Smart residential meter brochure

Would you like to know more about the product? Make sure to download the brochure and get more information about the features, benefits and technical specifications.

Smart energy product portfolio

Our robust portfolio of smart metering solutions enables us to predict future needs for efficient energy management. Based on digitized IoT solutions, our products and services provide utilities with the data they need to manage energy consumption, anticipate demand and optimize costs.