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MT681 – Electronic EDL household meter

The MT681 developed according to the EDL concept is a static three-phase active consumption meter for the household sector. The MT681 offers customers insight into actual energy consumption and thus the possibility of controlling their energy management. With its small dimensions and low installation, reading, and operating costs, the MT681 is particularly suitable as a replacement for the existing mechanical three-phase electricity meter according to the Ferraris principle. The MT681 complies with the EN 50470-3 standard and is made by ISO 9001.


  • Modern household meter for the liberalized energy market
  • Bidirectional interface (MSB)
  • Basic meter based on the EDL21 concept with activatable EDL40 functionality (meter design according to the FNN specification sheet, EDL version 1.2)
  • Active consumption measurement in three-phase and four-conductor networks or single-phase networks without adaptation
  • Unidirectional optical customer interface for meter reading (INFO)
  • Capacitive power supply – no interference from radio ripple control receivers
  • Energy-efficient through low energy consumption
  • Easy wiring-free installation due to innovative insertion technology
  • Double tariff

Key benefits

  • Active consumption meter
  • Connection
  • Dual tariff function
  • Suitable for photovoltaic systems
  • Optical meter operator interface
  • Optical customer interface
  • Smart Message Language
  • Protection against ingress of water and dust
  • Data access protection via PIN
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional energy measurement

MT681 Electronic EDL household meter

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