Gateways and data concetrators

MC500 – A data concentrator tailored for global AMI markets

The MC500 is a smart concentrator for the high demands of global AMI markets. It is based on a modular design concept for hardware and firmware structure. In line with its basic functions, the concentrator collects data from meters, stores meter data, and delivers data to the head-end system.


  • The MC500 concentrator is a communication device based on the LINUX operating system and consists of a GPRS module, Ethernet adapter and G3-PLC module.
  • MC500 uses a 32-bit RISC embedded software and hardware platform, professional real-time LINUX embedded OS, and a plug-and-play communication module.
  • What we offer goes beyond collecting meter reading data. We are committed to providing accuracy, efficiency and a gateway or storage with instantaneous sendings to the system.
  • The Iskraemeco data concentrator complies with the Applicable and EMS standards in order to meet various market demands.

MC500 Smart concentrator brochure

Would you like to know more about the product? Make sure to download the brochure and get more information about the features, benefits and technical specifications.

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