Meter cabinets

GME meter cabinets

The GME meter cabinet is a customized product with a proven track record of successful deployments over the years. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern distribution system operators, the GME meter cabinet offers a wide range of features to improve connectivity and reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Seamless connectivity

The GME meter cabinet offers extensive connection options for both internal and external modems, ensuring seamless communication across various systems. Its flexible configuration allows for a wide variety of inputs and outputs, which can be easily extended outside the cabinet for secure access for end customers.

  • Efficient installation

The GME meter cabinets are delivered pre-assembled and tested by automated testing equipment to ensure the best performance. They are fitted with a removable installation plate to simplify the setup process and minimize installation time. Customers are impressed by the convenience and ease of integrating meters within the cabinet, which makes the entire installation process smoother and more efficient.

  • Pre-wired connections

Iskraemeco’s meter cabinets eliminate the hassle of additional wiring to the GMEs pre-wired connections for current and voltage transformers, whether 3P3W or 3P4W, and provide a seamless and swift installation without additional wiring. Cabinets include a dedicated power input, providing installation teams with easy access to power up the cabinet for testing and for final control purposes.

  • Integrated protection

The GME meter cabinets feature integrated protection fuses within the terminals to shield the I/Os and external power supply. The consumers can rest easy knowing that their cabinet auxiliaries are protected from potential electrical hazards.

  • External power supply ready

The GME meter cabinets come equipped with a dedicated external power supply ready for easy installation on a DIN rail, providing consistent power to external communication devices without any additional hassle.