IE COMM wM-Bus Repeater

The wM-Bus Repeater is a radio module designed to extend the range of other Wireless M-Bus Modules. It is battery-powered, compliant with the Wireless M-Bus standard, and provides re-emitting of radio telegrams received from up to 12 modules.


  • Wireless M-Bus in accordance with EN 13757-4.
  • Operating frequency 868 MHz.
  • Battery powered device with autonomous operation up to 15 years.
  • Range up to 800 m.
  • IP68 Protection class.
  • Device operation reports in form of a radio telegram for the purpose of wireless system signal quality monitoring.
  • Embedded Real-Time Clock (RTC).
  • Range extender for up to 12 wM-Bus devices Device configuration using AES-128 protected radio channel.

Key benefits

  • More comprehensive monitoring and control of water usage.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices and systems.
  • Reduced need for frequent maintenance and replacement.
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments.
  • Early detection of issues and proactive maintenance.
  • Accurate timing and scheduling of meter readings and other activities.
  • Secure communication and protection against unauthorized access.