The first installation of IDIS smart meters taking place in Dubai

Iskraemeco has taken the next step in the interoperability process. The IDIS certified Mx381 smart meter series persuaded the advanced technological company in the United Arab Emirates – DEWA. The smart metering concept, including Iskraemeco meters will come to life in the next few months and will be a technological stepping stone for the Middle East region.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), constantly strives to accomplish its entrenched philosophy – to meet the growing demands of its customers. DEWA has thus embraced the awareness that a smart grid has become a “must have” for maintaining prosperous customer relationships. The implementation of the smart grid concept is a very realistic opportunity for DEWA, whose intention is to cover the whole territory of Dubai with interoperable smart meters in the coming years.


As a technology enthusiast, DEWA began with the pilot phases of smart grid implementation in the early 2009. The first IDIS pilot installation was entrusted to Iskraemeco because of established business relations between the two companies and Iskraemeco`s founding role in the IDIS association. The first IDIS pilot installation should be completed in the following months and followed by a larger amount of Iskraemeco IDIS meters later this year. True interoperability in this case was considered a high priority for the purpose of avoiding the dependence on a single meter supplier.

For now, this is the first installation of truly interoperable IDIS meters. The multi apartment skyscrapers in Dubai will feature a complete smart system: Iskraemeco Mx381 smart meters and concentrators, water meters and existing MDM software. The system will run on a new dimension of DLC communication, enabling much faster communication rates. The installation of Iskraemeco smart meters in the Middle East region is not just a great opportunity for Iskraemeco but also for the IDIS association and further implementation of the interoperability concept.

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