Why you should be visiting Iskraemeco at EVIS fair


Unveiling new products: 

Be the first to experience the unveiling of Iskraemeco’s  new products and solutions.


Discover Iskraemeco's  Innovations

Get an exclusive first look at Iskraemeco’s exciting new contributions to the electric mobility landscape. We’re unveiling something special at EVIS, and you won’t want to miss it!


Gain Expert Insights

Connect with Iskraemeco team of eMobility and get access to their  knowledge. They’ll be happy to answer your questions, share insights on the latest trends, and offer expert advice on how to navigate the ever-evolving world of electric mobility technologies. This is your chance to learn from the best and gain a competitive edge.

Let's Connect!

We believe EVIS provides a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our collaboration.

To schedule a dedicated meeting at our booth, please take a moment to complete the contact form below, specifying your preferred date and time. We are eager to connect with you.

You can register for EVIS Summit HERE.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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