MW5XX Residential – Multi-jet prepaid water meter

MW5XX Residential – Multi-jet prepaid water meter

The MW5XX water meter is a Multi-Jet water meter designed for cold potable water up to 50°C. It has an integrated design of the base meter and valve and allows payment in advance and setting up different tariffs. The contactless card usage ensures isolation against external influences, and it complies with international standards.


  • Cash in advance payment and setting up different tariffs.
  • Contactless card usage for isolation against external effects.
  • IP68 protection for the entire meter.
  • Supports valve maintenance function.
  • Supports up to 16 step tariff and monthly limit usage.
  • Reverse flow detection.
  • Magnetic, battery, meter cover, and valve tamper detection.
  • Leakage detection in pipeline network.
  • Optional supported NFC CPU card, JAVA card, and third-party card integration.

Key benefits

  • Accurately measures and monitors water consumption and water flow rates.
  • Easy payment system with contactless card usage.
  • Can integrate with various card systems for added flexibility.
  • Supports different tariffs and payment options.
  • Tamper-proof design for added security.
  • Long-lasting battery with alarm to indicate low power.
  • Detects reverse flow and leaks in pipeline network.
  • Meets international standards for quality and reliability: OIML R 49|ISO 4064|EN 14154 and others.
  • Providing more control and flexibility to the utility company.