Cities often face disconnected operation systems, weak data flow, poor monitoring, and data breaches.

Iskraemeco’s Smart City solutions solve these challenges with a proprietary Energy IoT platform combined with smart meters, a HES system, and various data-handling tools for data analysis and data streaming, connected device management, open communication, and more.

We cover a wide range of functionalities with our smart infrastructure: from customer and energy portals, smart energy and smart metering solutions to e-mobility, billing, waste management, and many more.

Solution architecture

Iskraemeco’s Smart City solutions are designed for interaction between tailor-made components and services to meet the needs of the future.


  • Smart electricity meters
  • Smart water meters
  • Gas meters
  • PLC gateway
  • RF gateway


  • HES system
  • MDM system
  • Energy IoT platform
  • Water application
  • Parking applications
  • Customized application
  • Billing
  • Asset management
  • Smart city control center

Services for Smart infrastructure solutions implementation

  • Installation services
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Consultancy services
  • SaaS services – Software as a Service
  • SMaaS services – Smart Metering as a Service
  • Project management

Smart City Benefits

Efficient energy management

  • Optimized consumption of resources (electricity, gas, heat, cooling) through artificial intelligence in the smart grid
  • Sustainable water consumption through management and monitoring
  • Efficient waste management through intelligent systems
  • Minimized emissions

A safer living environment

  • Information and awareness of infrastructure issues through citizen portals and digital signage
  • Improved transportation through intelligent, adaptive online systems, including traffic light control
  • Optimized parking systems, optimized public transportation systems
  • Increased security of people, objects, and infrastructure through intelligent, networked systems

Project Execution

Even though cities opting for smart infrastructure are faced with multiple challenges, the benefits are undeniable and far-reaching. ​ ​

A smart city is safer and healthier because smart sensors vastly reduce the time of first response. Every decision is data-driven, from traffic signs to municipal gardening. Citizens are more engaged and connected since smart cities incentivize cooperation with monitoring efforts. New business models create jobs due to new economic opportunities, while the smart city’s sustainable environment helps reduce carbon footprint and improves air and water quality.

We provide impeccable smart infrastructure and highly qualified teams that will help guide you through the design, deployment, and use of any smart city project.