During the technical day, the students familiarized themselves with the Green Penguin application and had the opportunity to create slogans to spread the message of reducing the carbon footprint in school. In addition, students took part in workshops where they created innovative products from recycled materials. This approach to teaching sustainability not only encourages creativity, but also emphasizes the importance of recycling and reusing materials to protect the environment.

The students not only learned how to use the Green Penguin application, but also became ambassadors for sustainable thinking in their school environment. This shows that sustainable education is the key to the future. With Green Penguin leading the way, we are shaping a generation that is aware of the importance of sustainability and equipped with digital skills to create a better future.

Danes projekt Zeleni pingvin izvaja konzorcij podjetij, in sicer: Iskraemeco, d.d., Mestna občina Kranj, Mestna občina Ljubljana, Društvo DOVES-FEE Slovenija in FEE Norveška, ki izvajajo mednarodni program Ekošole. Projekt sofinancirata Norveški finančni mehanizem in Ministrstvo za kohezijo in regionalni razvoj. Norveški finančni mehanizem poudarja prispevek Norveške k zeleni, konkurenčni in vključujoči Evropi.