The Olympic Festival, taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted over 8,000 participants, parents and children aged 5 to 17, interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They could test their different skills and expand their knowledge through challenges prepared by 39 sports associations. In addition to SloFit, the French Embassy, the Slovenian School Museum, the Sports Museum and of course Green Penguin, the Sports Union and the European Commission were actively involved in these challenges.

At the Green Penguin stand, we have tested out the children’s knowledge about sustainability and we were pleasantly surprised. They showed a deep understanding of waste separation, the individual waste production quantities, the most common types of waste and the concept of sustainability, to name a few.

Today, the Green Penguin project is being implemented by a consortium of organizations, namely: Iskraemeco, d.d., the City of Kranjthe City of Ljubljanathe Association DOVES-FEE Slovenia and FEE Norway who are implementing the international Eco-Schools programme. The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development. The Norwegian Financial Mechanism stands for Norway’s contribution to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.