Green Penguin’s presence and activities aimed to educate and inspire young individuals attending the event and visiting Eco School booth.

Over the course of three days, more than 100 schools and organizations presented various topics related to nutrition, exercise, and health. Among the highlights of the fair was the presentation of the Green Penguin project, which aimed to educate young people about the importance of reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy sources.

During the event, the children had the opportunity to present what activities they do at schools to prepare healthy food and drinks. As part of the sustainable activities, the children, together with their mentors, proved that waste cardboard packaging for milk and juices are an excellent material for creating new useful products at school, at home and elsewhere.

The presentation of the Green Penguin project was aimed to educate young people about reducing carbon emissions and how to use less energy sources. Based on smart digital technologies to monitor energy, heating and waste consumption data, the platform teaches children in a simple and understandable way what causes the carbon footprint and what everyone can do to improve the situation. The Green Penguin’s presence at Altermed & Greenvita resonated with young attendees and inspired them to embrace sustainable lifestyle and adopt environmentally conscious practices.

Through interactive initiatives and immersive experiences, Altermed provided a platform for the Green Penguin to leave an impact on the hearts and minds of the participants, inspiring them to become ambassadors of positive change.

Today, the Green Penguin project is being implemented by a consortium of organizations, namely: Iskraemeco, d.d., the City of Kranjthe City of Ljubljanathe Association DOVES-FEE Slovenia and FEE Norway who are implementing the international Eco-Schools programme. The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development. The Norwegian Financial Mechanism stands for Norway’s contribution to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.