Quick facts

Customer and timeframe
  • Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf, and Westland Infra
  • 2016-2020

Frrom 1.6 – 2.5 million smart meters


AM550 smart meter



Project overview


A dual-fuel solution

Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf, and Westland Infra manage a “dual fuel” network consisting of more than 5 million electricity metering points and 4.8 million gas connections. The smart electricity meter is responsible for delivering the system’s gas and electricity consumption data to the utility service center.


When smart becomes fair

A crucial criterion in this nationwide roll-out is participation in the Fair Meter project. The project’s main goals include lowering carbon emissions by 25%, assuring full transparency of the complete supply chain, assuring responsible working conditions for all employees in the supply chain, and minimizing the consumption of energy resources. All of these principles are embedded in Iskraemeco’s sustainable development strategy.


Involving the customer

Smart electricity meters are equipped with a communication port, allowing the smart meter to communicate with homes and display information, or even to connect to a home energy management system. Clear data on energy use will encourage consumers to reduce their usage and consequently save money. Deploying smart metering is the first step towards creating a smart grid that will integrate all users (consumers and generators) into a network that fosters a sustainable, economic and secure energy supply.