The possibilities for individual development are unlimited – we observe the employee, identify talents and develop them interests and create a career development plan accordingly.

Employee performance and, consequently, opportunities for promotion are determined in a given period of time and are systematically monitored at regular annual interviews.

We strive to accompany the development of individual’s career path and to motivate employees.

  • Opportunity to get to know all departments
  • Circulate in different workplaces in the company
  • Promotion according to achieved results, talents, goals
  • Recognition of good work
  • Vertical and horizontal promotion

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At Iskraemeco we innovate, we design and we evolve. Our highly-motivated and proactive employees are the main reason for the success and development of our company.

Teamwork, experience, and partnership are the pillars that enable us to achieve shared goals and build a successful company—together, we can accomplish anything.

Iskraemeco’s experts bring their passion and talents and transform them into quality products, solutions and services – all with the goal of contributing to the greener tomorrow.