Edisa Avdić Cicek, Head of Human Resources:

As the HR Director for EU at Iskraemeco, International Women’s Day is not just a date on the calendar for me; it embodies the core of my passion for empowering women within our industry. It’s a day that reinforces my commitment to championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially in a field traditionally dominated by men. At Iskraemeco, we are at the forefront of the electrical meters manufacturing industry, and I firmly believe that our success and innovation are fueled by the diverse perspectives and talents that women bring to our teams.
Women’s roles in shaping the future of Iskraemeco and the broader industry cannot be overstated. They bring unique insights, foster creativity, and drive sustainable solutions in our quest to provide cutting-edge metering solutions and smart grid technologies. By actively promoting gender equality and ensuring that women have access to leadership roles and opportunities for advancement, we are not only empowering them but also setting a standard for excellence and innovation in the industry.
Looking ahead, I envision a future where women are equally represented at all levels of our company, from the production floor to the boardroom. Their leadership and contributions will be crucial as we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, driving Iskraemeco to new heights of success and redefining what’s possible in the electrical meters manufacturing industry. This vision is not just aspirational; it’s a commitment to action, fostering an environment where every woman at Iskraemeco has the opportunity to thrive and make an indelible impact on our company and the industry at large.

Merna Hussien, Technical Support Engineer:

International women day is only a small recognition for all the struggles and obstacles women have overcome and grown stronger from. Women of all ages and ethnicities have endured a lot of hardships a long the way “We have a saying that goes like this: Women are half of the society, and they are the half that brings the other half.” I believe this proverb/quote simply expresses the weight and heavy load that women must bear. So, on this day, I hope that every woman and girl feels seen, heard, recognized, and appreciated. On a professional level; the contribution women bring in today’s industrial/capitalistic world is unmatchable and undeniable. Women’s values and perspectives are just as important as men’s; a successful business is one that is driven by collaborative and transformational leadership styles that focus on team building, empathy, and effective communication; this can only be achieved in an inclusion culture that fosters diversity and equal gender representation.

Walaa Mohamed, HR Business Partner:

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the importance of empowering women in all areas of life. Women can help shape the future of our firm and the industry in a variety of ways. First and foremost, diversity and inclusion are critical for encouraging innovation and creativity. By guaranteeing equal opportunities and representation for women, businesses may have access to a greater range of viewpoints, experiences, and ideas, resulting in improved decision-making and problem solving.
Furthermore, women bring unique skills and views to the table, which may be beneficial in promoting organizational success. They frequently have excellent communication skills, empathy, and the ability to cooperate smoothly. These traits are becoming more crucial in today’s linked diverse society. Also, empowering and supporting women in leadership positions can inspire other women and girls to pursue careers and contribute to a more gender-equal world.

Nina Seifert, Independent Development Engineer:

International Women’s Day, while widely celebrated, doesn’t personally resonate strongly with me. For me, it’s not about proving that ‘a woman can do what a man can’ but rather recognizing that ‘a woman can do what a man can’t’—embracing those superpowers, you know? I believe in celebrating the distinctive strengths and perspectives that women bring to the table. Looking ahead, I see our fantastic female colleagues shaping the future of our company in ways that are as unique as they are unstoppable. It’s not a competition; it’s about celebrating the quirks, strengths, and all the amazing things that make each of us a vital part of this journey.

Jadranka Kovačič, Head of Planning Sector:

For me, Women’s Day is a noble holiday because it honours all women in the world equally and on the same day, and it also reminds me of how much women have contributed throughout history to understanding, respect and development in today’s social, economic, educational and cultural world. I believe that we will only be successful as a company in the marketplace if we have fresh ideas, innovations, new strategies, new approaches by involving a wide range of people with different backgrounds, experiences and diverse thinking. But what is crucial to stress is that we need to involve and embrace all employees, and especially honour the acceptance of women in different workplaces and processes. Iskraemeco is currently doing an excellent job of including women in its strategies and key processes, as they are capable and will be key contributors to new and different ideas in the future. Traditional male occupations are no more; women are increasingly gaining ground in the technical sector and I believe that they are and will be an increasingly important link in the development of the company and its culture.

Mayada Mounir, Executive Assistant:

It’s an occasion to honor those who fought long odds to be simply who they wanted to be and celebrate women’s accomplishments. Though, the world should honor women of the world every day. Women provide different perspectives and expertise to the workplace. Due to many forms of diversity along with gender, such as origin, age, and cultural background.
They bring fresh perspectives and creative ideas. With their innovative solutions and unconventional ways of thinking they can help businesses think creatively and make better decisions in the highly competitive and quickly evolving business world of today.