SEP2W System

Head-End System with Meter Data Management Features

Iskraemeco Head-End System performs meter readings with pull and push methods, meter control actions and system operation. Meter Data Management functionalities, such as validation, estimation and aggregation prepare smart metering data for billing purposes, make informative analyses (e.g. of losses) and optimize your smart metering processes.


SEP2W is a fully scalable platform with a modular architecture that works in fail-over set ups and in a virtualized environment. The use of open standards and technologies ensures its effortless integration with existing IT systems and in turn minimizes custom development costs. With SEP2W you will be able to take your customer support to a higher level.


  • Device and group management, including parameterization
  • IDIS and DLMS/COSEM interoperability standards supported
  • Data collection from metering devices via pull and push mechanisms, as standardized by IDIS
  • A dedicated Web Services based integration layer
  • High availability setups (fail-over) supported