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Our pioneering products and solutions are meticulously crafted to empower our clients in optimizing energy management, reducing carbon footprints, and ensuring a steadfast and sustainable energy supply.

Elumia smart lighting monitoring system

eIoT EDGE compute module

Digital Grid


Elumia smart lighting monitoring system

The Iskraemeco Smart lighting monitoring system is designed to maximize energy savings and build contemporary smart cities.

eIoT EDGE compute module

Digital Grid

Iskraemeco’s digital grid solutions are perfect fit for the challenges facing the distribution and grid sectors.


Iskraemeco’s e-mobility solution connects all stakeholders, from distribution and transmission system operators and energy retailers to charging station owners and EV users.

The solution supports a stable, intelligent, and well-maintained grid; protects the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars; comes with a unified payment gateway; optimizes energy use; and reduces carbon emissions.

The entire concept of e-mobility hinges on a secure and robust electric grid supported by technological solutions to balance the impact of electric vehicles on local networks.

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Digital water solutions

Volumétrique Résidentiel
Compteur Résidentiel à jet unique
Compteur Résidentiel à jets multiples
MW5XX prépayé compteur d’eau
MW5XX compteur d’eau prépayé
Compteur d'eau intelligent à ultrasons MW5XX

Holosys communication solutions

Holosys NB IoT solutions
Holo-IoT platform
Holosys NB-IoT Bridge
Hydropulseur Holosys sans fil M-Bus
Lecteur d-impulsions NBIoT P1-N
Holosys Wireless M-Bus PulseReader WP1WP2

Electricity meters

IE.X Single and three phase electricity meters
ME516 Compteur d'électricité STS intelligent
MT516 Compteur d'électricité STS intelligent
MT880 High precision modular meter
MT880-M Compteur modulaire de haute précision
Mx516 Smart STS wall mounted meters

eMobility solutions

eMobility solutions
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Digital platforms

Symbiot software suite
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