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The 2023 edition of the Enlit Asia will take place in Jakarta Indonesia from November 14th to 16th, 2023. This will be a great opportunity to explore the latest industry trends, shape valuable connections, and gain insights into the future of energy, water, and sustainability.

We will present you our latest innovative projects, featuring cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance grid efficiency and stability, revolutionary edge compute technologies, and advanced water solutions, among others. To gain a comprehensive insight into our solutions, we will be conducting daily presentations at our booth throughout the event:

  • November 14th: Smart Streetlight Solution
  • November 15th: Active Load Control
  • November 16th: Water AMI Solution

Energy solutions

Water solutions

Digital platforms


Energy solutions

Iskraemeco’s energy solutions combine inventive approaches in response to the digital transformation of the energy industry.

Smart cities, smart grids, cutting-edge technology, and new business models call for a shift in thinking and a new strategy for building the smart grid on the Internet of Things environment (IoT).

With our energy solutions, we connect buildings, industries, energy systems, grids, and people in order to enhance the quality of life and community engagements by creating an inspiring environment to live in.

Water solutions

The use of digital solutions and data-driven technologies has revolutionized business operations and processes. In the water market, three factors are relevant to the adoption of data-driven solutions: Improving efficiency, costs and regulations.

Although we have highlighted numerous opportunities, our digital solutions focus on two main areas to create value for utilities:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Revenue Protection

Digital platforms

As data becomes the driving force of the modern world, our company is at the forefront of data management innovation. We develop digital platforms that “transform data into knowledge”, empowering our customers to make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency, performance, and sustainability across various industries.

By seamlessly collecting, processing, and analyzing data using interconnected applications, our customers gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving behavior and interactions of end users, allowing them to make informed decisions.


Iskraemeco’s e-mobility solution connects all stakeholders, from distribution and transmission system operators and energy retailers to charging station owners and EV users.

The solution supports a stable, intelligent, and well-maintained grid; protects the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars; comes with a unified payment gateway; optimizes energy use; and reduces carbon emissions.

The entire concept of e-mobility hinges on a secure and robust electric grid supported by technological solutions to balance the impact of electric vehicles on local networks.

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Award-winning eIoT EDGE Compute module

A newly developed edge computing platform in a digitalized IoT environment enables the digitalization of grids and the transition to advanced energy services.

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Active load control yields considerable benefits

Active load control is a crucial mechanism for achieving dynamic balance between electricity production and consumption across the power grid.

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Silver medal ranking by EcoVadis for Iskraemeco

We are delighted to announce that Iskraemeco has achieved the EcoVadis Silver medal ranking, placing us within the top 9 % of companies in our industry.

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Advanced pay solution

The PAY solution aims to provide electric vehicle drivers with a seamless payment and refuelling experience: PLUG-TAP-CHARGE-DRIVE.

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IE.X – Connecting electricity and digital platforms

The new eIoT metering platform by Iskraemeco has a promising changeover in the energy sector, i.e. generation, transmission & distribution, and consumption.

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Iskraemeco partners with DataThings

Iskraemeco forged a strategic partnership with DataThings, a tech company specializing in AI-powered digital grid platform.

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Challenges of water utilities

Overcoming water utility challenges

This article explores the challenges experienced by water utilities and potential solutions.

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Choose the right energy management software

Selecting the right energy management software (EMS) is crucial for utilities looking to optimize energy usage and improve efficiency.

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