The list of additions and updates

Below are the main additions and updates in Symbiot 3.18, aimed at empowering our partners to embrace the future of utility management.

  • In Symbiot 3.18, we’ve introduced a valuable feature in the CIMintegrator settings. Now, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred timestamp format across all payloads. Options include: Default (Old behavior with mixed formats), Iso8601DateTimeUtc, Iso8601DateTimeLocal. The default option is now set to Iso8601DateTimeUtc.
  • Enhanced Landis DC450 Support:
    • Symbiot Listener LGDC450Service now supports DC450G3 Service Health Check function.
    • Symbiot Listener LGDC450Service now supports automatic decompression of gzip compressed alarm requests.
    • Symbiot Listener LGDC450Service now supports also new datetime format (e.g., “2023-09-26T16:02:07+01:00”) used in V3 of DC when forwarding meter alarms.
  • Extended Support for SL7000 and ACE6000 Meters:
    • Add mapping support for maximum demand and cumulative maximum demand registers for ACE6000 and SL7000 meters.
    • SL7000 and ACE6000 Billing profile (profile of profiles) access and mapping.
  • Added Retry processor with monitoring timer and memory store manager to CimIntegrator to handle publish rejection from RabbitMQ queues. Added configurable monitor interval and unpublished messages threshold parameters.
  • Elevated Support for Protected Results Handling.
  • Introduced Genus and Secure meter types to device wizard, as well as Mx260 meter variants witth invocation counter support. Updated device images.
  • Improved Aggregation performance (optimization of resource usage and execution times).
  • Refined Audit logging, introduced new mode enabling beter overview on executed changes in the system with information who did it and when.
  • Improved Change result tracking, adding support of tracking also first insertion of value, updated the UI for presenting the change.
  • Added Push Pipeline Message Latency Monitoring.
  • Incorporated Kafka Consumer Group Lag & Latency Monitoring.
  • Data Notification Process Latency Monitoring.
  • Included Reliable SOAP Integrator Notifications.
  • Added validation rules on MDM layer.
  • Introduced 4 – eye principle for actions triggering on MDM level.
  • Updated Handling Rollover on the System.
  • Enabled Dynamic Billing Support.
  • Included Query Group Editing on MDM Operator.

We’ve also made various minor changes to the user interface and services, all aimed at improving your experience with Symbiot.

These enhancements are introduced to streamline complex utility management operations, boost efficiency, and ensure our partners stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

Stay tuned for more details on how Symbiot’s releases will benefit your operations.