Residential smart water meters

Residential volumetric water meter

The Residential volumetric water meter is a high-precision meter designed for household water supply networks. It provides accurate measurement of water consumption, helps to detect water and ensures flexibility within a wide range of flow rates.


  • Flat or 45° inclined register, for easy direct reading.
  • Register versions in polycarbonate or glass cover.
  • Customer logo printed in nameplate, when requested.
  • Ready to install inductive or reed-switch sensor, when requested.
  • According to ISO 4064:2014|OIML:R 49-2013.

Key benefits

  • Accurate measurement of water consumption.
  • Detection of water leaks and losses, preventing excessive bills.
  • Advanced data analysis capabilities.
  • Providing useful insights into water consumption patterns.
  • Improved water management and conservation.
  • Easy integration into existing water management systems.
  • Long lifespan and high durability for low maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for use in various residential water supply network configurations.

Residential volumetric smart water meter

To gain a comprehensive understanding of residential volumetric smart water meter and its features, we recommend downloading our brochure for a more detailed overview.