MT182 ECO-logical meter

MT182 ECO-logical meter

The MT182 is developed according to the German metering requirements and the EDL concept. It is a static three-phase active consumption meter for the household sector. The MT182 offers customers actual energy consumption measurements which they can use to gain control over their energy consumption. With minor assembly, reading, and operating costs, this lean electricity meters are particularly suitable as a replacement for the existing mechanical three-phase meter based on the Ferraris principle. The MT182 complies with the EN 50470-3 standard and is manufactured by ISO 9001.


  • Active consumption meter
  • Suitable for photovoltaic systems
  • Bidirectional interface (MSB) – RJ10
  • Optical customer interface
  • Smart Message Language
  • Protection against ingress of water and dust
  • Data access protection via PIN
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional energy measurement

Key benefits

Key benefits
  • Modern household meter for the liberalized energy market
  • Bidirectional Interface (MSB)
  • Basic meter based on the EDL21 concept with activatable four-wire networks, single-phase networks
  • Unidirectional optical interface for a meter reading
  • Capacitive power supply – no interference from radio ripple control receivers
  • Energy-efficient through low energy consumption
  • Service mode – enabled secure installation
  • Full grid functionality – meters provide detailed information on network parameters


  • Optimized resource consumption and CO2 footprint (lean production)
  • Easy to recycle – all parts either made out of plastic or metal, no mixed complex parts, which are hard to disassemble
  • Reusability of the meter parts
  • Traceability of components
  • Production site (made in EU – Slovenia) committed to sustainability
  • Possibility to use up to 90% recycled plastic for some meter parts


  • Product lifetime longer than 24 years
  • Safe operation for at least 40 years – no need to deinstall the meter immediately after lifetime expiration.
  • Non-flammable meter
  • Safe according to IEC EN 62052-31
  • Safe meter (tested under strict safety regulations including single fault conditions)
  • Immunity to all known network disturbances


  • Reliable contact with the conductor
  • Terminal block suitable for all types of conductors
  • Lowest possible self-consumption due to optimized power supply and new measuring system


  • Interoperability (FNN meter)
  • Optical interface cover integrated into terminal cover – secured against manipulation, clean design, increased IP protection (IP54)

Efficient data

Efficient data
  • Customer data protected with PIN
  • Network quality information (GRID parameters) available for end user (PIN protected)


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