The Green Penguin team invited visitors to our booth to take part in various quizzes and activities that demonstrated the power of sustainable actions. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the application first-hand while learning how they can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Through interactive participation, visitors were able to experience how small, everyday decisions can lead to a positive impact on the environment.

Visitors to the Green Penguin booth were not only impressed by the application but also excited about its potential impact. Some visitors expressed their admiration for the concept and particularly emphasized the importance of the focus on schools. The Green Penguin’s emphasis on education as a key component of its strategy resonated with many and underlined the importance of teaching sustainable values to future generations.

The main aim of the Green Penguin’s presence at Enlit was to present the project, and promote its application and, more broadly, sustainable living practices. Through conversations and demonstrations, the Green Penguin team highlighted the importance of adopting eco-friendly habits and making conscious decisions that contribute to a greener planet.

Today, the Green Penguin project is being implemented by a consortium of organizations, namely: Iskraemeco, d.d.the City of Kranjthe City of Ljubljanathe Association DOVES-FEE Slovenia and FEE Norway who are implementing the international Eco-Schools programme. The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development. The Norwegian Financial Mechanism stands for Norway’s contribution to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.