In order to accomplish this, we encourage innovative thinking among our workforce and cultivate relationships with businesses, groups, and individuals that come up with ideas for new products.


Iskraemeco is a company that has a strong commitment to both the development of technology and technical innovation. Our company promotes an atmosphere in which employees are able to keep up with the industry, rise to the occasion, and share their skills with other teams.

  • Knowledge sharing between teams and departments
  • Collaboration as a means of driving innovation
  • Remaining at the forefront of developments in the industry
  • High-quality technology
  • State-of-the-art equipment

Did we spark your interest?


At Iskraemeco we innovate, we design and we evolve. Our highly-motivated and proactive employees are the main reason for the success and development of our company.

Teamwork, experience, and partnership are the pillars that enable us to achieve shared goals and build a successful company—together, we can accomplish anything.

Iskraemeco’s experts bring their passion and talents and transform them into quality products, solutions and services – all with the goal of contributing to the greener tomorrow.