Along with digital grids, other cutting-edge technologies and new work methods require new thought paradigms and an innovative approach to the challenges facing the energy industry.

A digital grid is an energy distribution network connected through an array of devices such as smart meters and sensors. It facilitates bilateral digital communication between all participants in the network.

Digital grids are thus elite systems for monitoring, analyzing, controlling, and communicating within supply chains to streamline resource consumption and expenditure, and maximize reliability, transparency, and oversight.

Solution portfolio

Core solutions

Outage management solution

Gain deep insights into your network operations with data from all the smart meters connected to your digital electric grid.

Our smart grid solutions offer you near real-time information about network conditions to help you minimize your losses and power outages. From alarms, extraordinary events and other status reports, coming from as many points as possible (households, feeders, and transformer stations), to distribution and grid personnel.

Balancing solution

Transmit data from smart grid meters to the upper system for data analysis and KPI evaluation.


To balance electricity, distribution, and the digital electric grid, operators need to monitor an array of network status indicators. Iskraemeco’s smart meters feature many edge computing-oriented indicators, which means that once data is transmitted for analysis to the upper system, you will know how to improve grid balance and cut your operational ​​costs.

Feeder control solution

Get more data on power quality at the feeder level as a distribution or a grid company and meet reliability regulations.

A smart grid solution that identifies potentially dangerous grid sections and avoids emergencies at peak load times while also facilitating input-output interactions at the meter level, combined with analytics at the system level. Feeder Control enables you to follow and monitor crucial data on your ​​dashboard.

Telecontrol options

Telecontrol refers to the connection of devices spread over a wide area that is monitored and controlled via a central control system.

​​​We offer grid companies secure and cost-effective access to all telecontrol equipment to help them reliably control and monitor devices. Our smart grid solution starts at the field level and helps integrate several functions into a comprehensive distribution or grid system. On secondary markets, integration also includes end-customer data and meter data.

Solution architecture

Iskraemeco’s Digital grid solution is designed for interaction between tailor-made components and services to meet future needs.


  • Smart electricity meters
  • Communication devices at all points of the grid network, from generation to consumption
  • Precision meters


  • Head-end service for smart metering, alarms, and event reporting
  • Meter data management service for analytics
  • Online tariff adjustment
  • Real-time meter data collection
  • Load management
  • Quality of supply and power quality
  • Online meter and grid equipment management
  • Customer engagement
  • Detection of technical and commercial losses

Solution implementation services

The data from smart grid meters is transmitted to the AMI central application system for management and storage of metrological information for:

  • A precise overview of energy consumption
  • Quick emergency event notifications
  • Analysis and management of power quality
  • Reporting of power load
  • Management of power outages
  • Management of assets: the optimization of backup power sources and management of transformer substations

Digital grid benefits

Modernizing MV/LV stations

Quickly adapting to changes in transmission lines

Improving power quality management, network balances, and TCO

Cutting energy losses

Reducing power downs and outage times, and ensuring power supply reliablity

Changing energy flows in the grids

Lowering CO2 footprints

Project execution


Planning & deployment

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Analyzing customer infrastructure
  • Site surveying and metering
  • Solution innovation and elaboration
  • Proposing an optimal solution with customer requirements prioritized
  • E2E (end-to-end) solution testing

Managed services

  • A multitude of customized services to customers based on their needs
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Smart Meter as a Service (SMaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software hosted in private, public, or hybrid clouds

Support services

  • Detect and resolve errors immediately
  • Carry out preventive maintenance to avoid costly repair
  • Maximize system performance
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Avoid impacts on operations
  • Provide specialized training