Addressing the increasing pressure on the electrical grid.

As the electrical grid evolves, there’s a rising number of devices ranging from household appliances to renewable energy resources, climate control systems, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

This expansion places significant pressure on the grid, intensifying the complexity and increasing the risk of instability.

In response to these challenges, Iskraemeco has developed a Digital grid solution equipped with advanced monitoring systems, real-time data analytics, and efficient energy management to ensure grid stability and optimal resource utilization.

Solution portfolio

Core applications

Grid monitoring

This application focuses on the real-time surveillance of essential grid parameters such as current, voltage, power, and frequency. It’s integral to maintaining utility stability, ensuring parameters remain within set safety and performance ranges.

Grid observability

The application offers detailed, near real-time insight into grid performance. It supports prompt operational adjustments based on continuous data analysis, enhancing grid stability in response to fluctuating consumption patterns and potential disturbances.


Grid flexibility

This application ensures a dynamic equilibrium between electricity production and consumption. It manages peak demand scenarios through active load control, aligning energy production with consumption patterns. Additionally, it emphasizes the connection to the energy market, facilitating efficient energy trading and demand forecasting.

Grid topology

The application serves as a crucial analytical tool, offering a detailed understanding of the electrical grid’s structure. It plays a vital role in various applications, such as fault detection, load balancing, and optimization of electricity flow paths. By leveraging real-time meter data, grid topology helps diverse grid management areas, including network configuration analysis, efficient integration of distributed resources, and strategic planning for grid enhancements.

Digital twin

This application, exemplified by the Symbiot Twinner, creates a virtual model of the physical grid. It is continuously updated with real-time data, offering advanced analytics for grid performance, predictive maintenance, and strategic planning, thereby enhancing overall grid management.

Solution architecture

Our solution harnesses smart meters with EDGE computing capabilities, utilizing a variety of communication protocols for data transfer. The Symbiot platform is at the forefront of our data management strategy, while the Symbiot Twinner provides a comprehensive and real-time virtual model of the physical grid.


  • Smart electricity meters with EDGE computing capabilities
  • Communication devices at all points of the grid network, from generation to consumption
  • Precision meters


  • Head-end service for smart metering, alarms, and event reporting
  • Meter data management service for analytics
  • Online tariff adjustment
  • Real-time meter data collection
  • Load management
  • Quality of supply and power quality
  • Online meter and grid equipment management
  • Customer engagement
  • Detection of technical and commercial losses
  • Topology
  • Digital twin of the grid

Solution implementation services

The data from smart grid meters is transmitted to the AMI central application system for management and storage of metrological information for:

  • A precise overview of energy consumption
  • Quick emergency event notifications
  • Analysis and management of power quality
  • Reporting of power load
  • Management of power outages
  • Management of assets: the optimization of backup power sources and management of transformer substations

Digital grid benefits

Modernizing MV/LV stations

Quickly adapting to changes in transmission lines

Improving power quality management, network balances, and TCO

Cutting energy losses

Reducing power downs and outage times, and ensuring power supply reliability

Changing energy flows in the grids

Lowering CO2 footprints

Project execution


Planning & deployment

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Analyzing customer infrastructure
  • Site surveying and metering
  • Solution innovation and elaboration
  • Proposing an optimal solution with customer requirements prioritized
  • E2E (end-to-end) solution testing

Managed services

  • A multitude of customized services to customers based on their needs
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Smart Meter as a Service (SMaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software hosted in private, public, or hybrid clouds

Support services

  • Detect and resolve errors immediately
  • Carry out preventive maintenance to avoid costly repair
  • Maximize system performance
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Avoid impacts on operations
  • Provide specialized training