What is ENFIELD?

ENFIELD‘s mission is to propel Europe to the forefront of AI development. Through four key pillars – Adaptive AI, Green AI, Human-Centric AI, and Trustworthy AI – the project will attract top minds and resources to conduct world-class research. This research will be directly applicable to critical sectors like healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and space. Ultimately, ENFIELD aims to solidify the EU’s competitive edge in AI and generate significant social and economic benefits for Europe.

Iskraemeco’s participation in ENFIELD reflects our commitment to driving innovation and shaping a sustainable future. By collaborating with leading minds in Europe, we are well-positioned to develop cutting-edge AI solutions that will benefit various industries and society as a whole.

ENFIELD and Open Calls

Open Calls are competitive funding opportunities where researchers submit proposals for their projects. ENFIELD’s Open Calls provide a chance for your institution to:

  • Secure funding to conduct applied research (focusing on practical applications).
  • Address critical challenges in the designated sectors.
  • Collaborate with a leading research network and contribute to advancements in AI.

Why apply?

Benefit from an innovation grant for applied research activities that could place you in the forefront of your field.

Chance to network and benefit from mutual exchanges, feedback and collaboration with peers and various experts in the AI field.

Receive up to 60.000 € in financial support.

Gain visibility and promotion.

Benefit from a specific IPR strategy for promising exploitation opportunities.

Apply now

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research and build a stronger European AI network.